The Germans v.s The Scots-Irish

By: Mackenzie Seace

The Germans

The Germans decided to immigrate to America for a number of reasons. Some of those include, wars in Germany, religious disputes, and lack of freedom (no room to think or do what you want). When arriving to America most of them settled in Pennsylvania for the religious freedom that they were lacking back in Germany and for the fact that Pennsylvania is "Best poor man's country." Some groups accompanied the Germans on their trip to America, some of these groups included the Amish and the Mennonites, leaving Germany for the same exact reason as the Germans. The Germans left from Southwestern Germany. When arriving to America the German were lost in the American culture so lucky for them there was an organization named The German Society. It was founded in 1764 and was designed for the sole purpose of helping the Germans out. They helped with jobs, money, homes, and everything in between that would help Germans get back on their feet. So that's the story of the German immigration, it may have been difficult but eventually led to the greatest decision Germans could make for themselves.

The Scots-Irish

The Scots-Irish just like the Germans decided it was best for their group to get a fresh start and move to America. They moved to America because back in Ireland changes were happening, changes that the Scots-Irish didn't quite agree with. All people in Ireland were to convert to the Anglican faith but the Scots-Irish being Presbyterian didn't want to convert. But the only problem was anyone who did not convert had to to be ready for the most miserable life, no jobs, no status, and no social life. This was called the 1704 Test Act which made everyone below crowned officials convert to the Anglican Faith. When arriving to America the Scots-Irish originally went to Pennsylvania for freedom of religion but began to move Southwest down the foothills of the Appalachian mountains through Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. They had another name besides the Scots-Irish. They were also called the scotch-Irish or the Ulster scots because they originated in Ulster Ireland. Scots-Irish meant someone who was born in Scotland and moved to Ireland.