Community Day 2019

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For four years now, Minarets has held a Community Day to close out the first semester of the year. This year has been no different. In fact, this year, it was bigger and better than ever.

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Adopt a Family: Ag Department Community Day

The Ag Department has been working hard since the November Fall Banquet on putting together the Adopt a Family Community Day Activity. The activity has been headed up by the FFA Community Service Committee, and many students came to help this year!

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A Christmas Gift for the Homeless

For teacher Wendy Swanson’s Community Day project, she along with a small group of students worked hard to put together bags of clothes and lunches for the “home-free” citizens in their community.

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Community Day for Butterflies

On the last day of every semester, the whole Minarets school contributes to the community with a day of school-wide collaboration. This community day, Spanish teacher UP planted different types of plants in the planter boxes right out of the 600 building

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Community Day with Smolijan

For Community Day, teachers Vaughan and Smolijan took a group of 54 students to Woodward Park to pick up trash, and then to River Park for lunch.

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Lights, Camera, and Perform: Showband Live

This year was a new chance for a new opportunity as the Music Department live-streamed an hour-long performance for Community Day.

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Media Lounge Gets A New Paint-job

For Community Day this year, Media teacher Juan Ortiz has done a few minor touch ups to the media lounge.

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Monsters Elementary: Drama's Community Day Activity

To give back on Community Day, the Minarets Drama Department traveled to Spring Valley Elementary to bond with kinder and first graders. After a few team building activities the class broke into buddies with the high schoolers and they created creatures.

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One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Minarets had its fourth Annual Community on December 19, 2019 and many teachers did different activities for students to participate in. Math teacher Ryan Hansen hosted his own activity by picking up trash along Road 200.

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Santa Paws

Students signed up for art teacher Jill Gambles Community Day activity made toys for the animals at the SPCA.

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Spreading the Christmas Cheer One Card At A Time

‘Tis the season for card and gift tag making! Keeping with her tradition, Minarets Cs and history teacher Katie Morgan hosted for Community Day a Christmas card making activity in which cards and gift tags were handmade for the patients of Valley Children’s Hospital.

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Holiday Spirit at Minarets

The end of the semester means far more than signature projects though. It means break, relaxation, and the holiday season! This leaves only one question. What up with Santa Claus? It’s his time of year again!

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