Week of May 2nd-6th

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~ HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!!! We hope you all enjoy the various meals and treats you will receive this week! Remember, lunch is provided today, breakfast is provided on Wednesday and Thursday!! We will have drawings each morning and various surprise treats each day this week! You all do SO much for our kiddos, and your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!!

~ Thank you to those of you who were able to stop by Laos New Year this weekend! It always means so much to our students when they see their teachers take interest in their culture! I saw posts on FB of several of you who were able to attend! It's always a good time, and if you have never gotten the chance to go, I encourage you all to try and attend next year! It's truly amazing to see and be immersed in the culture.

~ STAAR testing is next week. As with any STAAR week, visitors will be asked not to come on campus, and we will ask they visit another time. Thank you for helping to communicate that to parents.

~ Remember to schedule a meeting with me if you have students (2nd-4th) who you are considering for summer school. Thank you to those of you who have already set up the meetings. We will discuss the pros/cons of summer school and weigh in to see if the student would be a good candidate.

~ Everyone's summative is complete, and you should either have an evaluation to sign (non PDAS appraised) and/or sign up for a summative conference. If you have not signed your evaluation, please do so and/or schedule a meeting with myself or Bobby by Wednesday. Please make sure you have signed up with either myself of Bobby for your summative conference. Our sign up times are on our door.

~ Speaking of summatives, you will be receiving a form in your boxes today where you will need to list your planned Professional Learning hours that you will take this summer. Please fill out what courses you will be taking. I know this could change, but please look at the list of courses offered, and sign up for the ones that most appeal to your subject area. The first one (compliance bundle) is already filled in, since all employees must take this. Remember, each professional employee (teachers, interventionists, counselors, etc.) must take 12 hours during the summer (guidelines are on the back of the form). Please remember that each teacher in 3-5 will need the 6 hour GT update in order to be able to cluster GT students. If you have not taken the initial 30 hours, that is something you will need to begin. Since we will only have 3 sections in most grade levels, and 1 bilingual, that means that all 3-5 teachers will need to have the GT cert. K-2 teachers should already have this and will just need to complete the 6 hour update. Please bring your completed forms with you to your summative conference. If you are a non-PDAS employee, you can turn in the form to me at any time.

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~We will have our PRIDE Posse party for the last semester, on Wednesday, June 1st. Please let me know the number of students who will be attending from your grade level. This will work exactly like last time with the students participating during specials that day. We will have popcorn and bounce houses. Like I said after last time, please make sure that the students who are earning PRIDE Posse are those students who have excellent behavior. We may need to adjust the points next year to make it a little more special, since we had A LOT of students this past time. We want to students to be able to earn this award, but we also want to make it special for those students who do work extremely hard to follow the rules and don't get in trouble.

~ With STAAR next week, it's going to take flexibility on everyone's part in order to accommodate the 3 testing grade levels. Monday and Tuesday will be the busiest with 3rd and 4th both testing. Schedules may need to be altered, etc. in order to get all students the time needed for testing. Thanks so much for your cooperation and flexibility. It takes EVERYONE to make testing go off smoothly. Bobby will be sending the schedules today or tomorrow, so you will know if your times are altered.

~ May is busy busy, but a lot of fun activities will be taking place. Please make sure to check the calendar below and let me know if you see something I have left off. I'm trying to make sure to get everything in, but I know sometimes I miss something!! PLEASE NOTE...The day of the vocabulary parade has changed. We will have it on Friday, May 27th at 2:00. We will do this INSTEAD of the spirit rally. I had to change it due to scheduling the awards, and with STAAR taking place in May this year, it has made scheduling everything a lot more difficult!!

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Words of the Week

Our first annual VOCABULARY PARADE will take place on Friday, May 27th at 2:00. Below are some pictures from the parade last year at Eagle Mountain. Please share these with your students. I will also be creating a flyer to send home this week to parents/students! For those students who can't make anything at home, please feel free to allow them to make something at school during that last week. We all know they would love the opportunity to create something during class!

Just a reminder...turn in those Word Up Level Forms. We still have A LOT of spirit tags, and this is something we WILL continue next year. I know we have more students who are using our words!! Turn those in! I love announcing them on the announcements, and you should see the kids' faces when they receive them!! Thanks to those of you who stay on top of that and turn in the forms regularly.,

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Monday, May 2nd:

Pizza for lunch in the lounge! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Wednesday, May 4th:

Waffle House here to serve breakfast!!

Nurse's Day

Kori off campus at Principal's meeting

Thursday, May 5th:

Breakfast Burritos for breakfast

Monday, May 9th: (3rd & 4th Math)

STAAR Testing- No visitors on campus

(3rd/4th graders are served Sonic burritos on Mon/Tues)

Tuesday, May 10th (3rd and 4th Reading):

STAAR Testing- No visitors on campus

(3rd/4th graders are served Sonic burritos on Mon/Tues)

Wednesday, May 11th (5th Science & Makeups):

STAAR Testing- No visitors on campus

(5th graders are served Sonic burritos on Wednesday)

Tuesday, May 17th:

Kindergarten Round-Up 3:30-6:30

Wednesday, May 18th:

Choir trip to NRH20

Employee of the Year Luncheon at HCTC (Kendra, Olga, Lilly, Kori, and Bobby)

Thursday, May 19th:

Kori off campus at DLT meeting

Come and Go Diaper Shower for Evelyn in lounge

Friday, May 20th:

Field Day for 2nd-5th Grade

Tuesday, May 23rd:

3rd Grade Field Trip

Wednesday, May 25th:

Kindergarten Awards: 8:00

1st Grade Awards: 9:15

2nd Grade Awards: 1:30

Thursday, May 26th:

4th Grade Awards: 8:00

3rd Grade Awards: 9:15

Friday, May 27th:

Field Day for Kg and 1st

5th Grade Fun Day (12:00-1:30)

Vocabulary Parade @ 2:00

Monday, May 30th:

No School- Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 31st:

Talent Show @ 8:15!

Wednesday, June 1st:

5th Grade Field Trip

PRIDE Posse Party (2nd Semester)

Thursday, June 2nd:

5th Grade Awards- 9:00

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Release at 11:40

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