Teens should not work in Highschool

Adolfo Jimenez 12/2/14

My sister worked in highschool

When my sister worked in high school and she said she hated. From early band practice to school and work right after, it was to much for her and she had to quit. It was the worst two months of her Senior year.
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Reasons why not to work during high school

1. You will never have time to relax

2. Between school, homework, and work, there will be no time with your friends

3. You should stay focused on education so when you really have to work a full time job, you will work a job that you like, and you can only get that through an education

4. You will be overwhelmed because of everything you will go through in high school

Reasons why you should work in high school

1.You make small money

2. You will get hands on training in case you only want a small job

3. You will mature and see what your parents go through