MAPSS in Action

January 2016

How Are You Doing in Your MAPSS Journey?

This school year is flying by and 2016 is already here! Where are you at in your MAPSS journey? Teachers across our 5 districts are finding ways to implement PBL, both problem and project-based strategies into their classrooms. What about those 5 Standards of Authentic Instruction? I bet most of us are finding ways to implement those daily. Check out the pictures below, all taken from Edmodo or Twitter and #MAPSS. Friendly tip: If you click on the pictures below they will enlarge so you can get a better look at the picture/tweet shown.

Don't forget to share your MAPSS work on our professional learning network, Edmodo!

Jenn Russell, 5th Grade Teacher, R. Homer Andrews Elementary School- ABSS

Ms. Russell has worked this year to implement the 5 standards of authentic instruction and consistently work towards the process of Knows and Need to Knows. Through consistent practice and implementation she has been able to see her students grow through the PBL process. Check out part of her Edmodo post~ "Today we celebrated some major success!!! I start each math lesson with a warm-up word problem that covers previously taught skills. The students have a few minutes of independent time to work through the problem before they talk with their table groups about the strategies that they tried. One of my struggling students today (without being prompted) started his problem listing the Knows and Need to Knows. He then took those Knows & Need to Knows and was able to set up the problem correctly." Keep up the good work Ms. Russell!!!

Crystal McCraw, 2nd Grade Teacher, B H Tharrington Primary, MACS

Mrs. McCraw began her PBL journey using the Sock Slide case from the repository. By inviting adults to be the "sliders" the kids became data collectors, and were required to use their hands-on measuring skills. In this tweet you will see a thank you letter that was written to our MAPSS Director, Dr. Kim Morrison. She served as a slider for the class, along with other staff members. (See the video link below) #UsingOurAssets #EveryoneWorkingTogetherToGrowKids

MAPSS Spring Retreat Day 1

Monday, Feb. 15th, 8am

475 Deacon Boulevard

Winston-Salem, NC

* Do not park in the front parking lot like we did during Summer Institute. For this event please park in the parking lot to the left of Deacon Tower. You can access this parking lot by turning in the first entrance on the left if you come in from University Parkway.

*Remember to carpool (4 to a car) in order to receive your mileage reimbursements.

MAPSS Spring Retreat Day 2

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 8am

475 Deacon Boulevard

Winston-Salem, NC