Bacon's Weekly Bits

Friday, April 29, 2016

MAP Testing

Hip hip hooray, MAP testing is over today!!!

Thank you for helping make it a successful week of MAP testing. The kids were all here, every day for testing which makes life so much easier. They appeared to be well rested and ready to conquer the test each day. Your support is very, very much appreciated!

Week - At - A - Glance

This week:

We spent our mornings MAP testing. We spent our afternoons working on our Informational Writing and learning the difference between cooperation and collaboration. We are learning about teamwork (aka collaboration) to gear up for our next PLTW module: Conversions. Students began the week thinking that cooperation and collaboration are pretty much the same thing. After a skit performed by the fourth grade teachers and a clip from the Big Bang Theory, students were able to differentiate between cooperation (being nice and helpful, but pretty much doing your own work) and collaboration (discussing ideas beyond answers by asking questions and reaching a deeper level of understanding; active learning).

Next week:

Math - We will continue with Chapter 13 - Area and Perimeter.

Spelling - Unit 30


  • We will continue book clubs in reading.
  • We will be drafting, revising, and editing our informational writing.
  • We will be learning new vocabulary for the week.
  • We will be revisiting and reviewing complete sentences, adjectives, prepositions, and conjunctions.
Science - We will begin Module 2: Conversions of Energy.

Social Studies - Government projects (last week for research)


Coach Steenstra needs volunteers for field day on 5/20. If interested, email Jessica Moore at