Room 204 News #11

February 10


Please watch for your child's spelling words to come home in Monday night's homework folder. We now have three different spelling groups - yellow, green and purple. These groups are flexible and students will move between them as needed. Students will find synonym pairs in their list this week. All three groups also have one or more "sight words," which are commonly used words students need to read and write automatically. Along with practicing our spelling words, the class will sort words according to middle sounds during centers.

Valentine's Day/100th Day

At Bryant we are going to celebrate the 100th Day of School on Friday, along with Valentine's Day. From 2:30 - 3:30 we will be passing out Valentine Cards and visiting special centers. You are welcome to join us if you are available.

Last week you should have received a class list for Valentine cards. If you still need one, let me know. Please make sure if you choose to do cards, that there is one for each student (25). It is often helpful not to wait until right before the 14th to start filling them out, because writing names can get tiring. Also, your child may bring in a shoebox or tissue box to collect the cards, but if not, we can make a large envelope at school. I'll have extra Valentine cards if someone forgets or needs them.

Snacks and Hand Sanitizer

The classroom could use donations of both snack and hand sanitizer. If you would like to send in a special snack for Valentine's Day, just attach at note or write on the package and we will save it. See below for the Safe Snack List.
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Games to Increase Fact Power

Want to practice basic facts with your child, without using flashcards?

Try Domino Top-It, a game where each player flips over a domino, adds the dots, and whoever has the greatest sum takes the pair. Winner has most pairs. See link.

Or, Shaker Top-It with 2 dice

For each round, players take turns. Each player does the following:

~Shakes and rolls the dice

~adds the numbers shown on the dice

~says the sum aloud (saying the wrong sum disqualifies a player for that round)

Write down your roll on paper (2+4=6)

The player with the highest sum for each round takes a penny or a counter from the pile. If there are ties, each winning player takes a penny or a counter. The player with the most counters at the end of a given time or a given number of rounds wins.

We are still collecting empty paper towel rolls for number scrolls

February is Black History Month

We'll be taking a look throughout the month at the many achievements of black Americans. Through biographies about people like Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks, along with historical fiction, students can also begin to understand the struggle for freedom and equality faced by African-Americans.

Snails, fish and now crickets on the way!

We have discovered some interesting facts about snails. Ask your child if a snail has many tiny feet or one large foot. Where are its eyes? Is the snail born with a shell, or does it find a shell? This week we will be looking closely at our new goldfish - their body coverings, and how they breathe and move.

March is Reading Month!

So many exciting events to come during March at Bryant! Here is a preview, more information to follow:

  • 2/28 Read a Thon begins
  • 3/6 Pajama Day and Pajama Night, Book Fair (6:30-8:00)
  • 3/14 Read a Shirt - wear a shirt with words
  • 3/28 Dress as your favorite book character

Throughout the month, mystery readers visit the classroom. Watch for sign-up in future newsletter.

Young Fives Coming to Bryant

Next school year, Bryant will have a Young 5's program. To find out more about the program and/or to apply, please visit the district's website.

Toys at School

Many students have been bringing small toys to school in their backpacks. These can be a big distraction in the classroom. With all the indoor recess, I know the children have been bringing in items they want to play with during that time. However, it can be very tempting for first graders to put these items in their desks or pockets. Please remind your student to keep toys at home. If they have something to play with at indoor recess, it must remain inside the backpack until that time. Here's to hoping that the temperatures are getting back to normal, and the kids will be able to play outside again this week!

Dates to Remember:

  • 2/10 NAAPID/parent involvement day
  • 2/13 Kindergarten Round Up 6-7:30
  • 2/17 Winter Break, no school all week
  • 2/28 field trip to Kensington Metropark
  • 2/28 Bryant Pattengill Read a Thon begins