Patty Murray


  • Born October 11, 1950.
  • Went to school at Washington State University.
  • Has served as a member of Senate Democratic leadership since 2007.
  • Patty has established herself as a leader on education , transpotaion, budget issues, port security, healthcare, women, and verterans issues.
  • She is the first female Senator from Washington state
  • In 1992, she ran for the United States Senate as a voice for Washington families who were not being heard.

Raise of Minimum Wage


  • If minimum wage earners were paid a living wage, they would spend it in the local economy a powerful economic stimulus.
  • it helps people that are only making minimum wage earn more money


  • In times of recession, raising the minimum wage will lead to higher unemployment
  • a minimum wage law can discourage employers from hiring new employees

What Patty thinks.

Patty Murray is all for the increaes in minimum wage. "The declining value of the minimum wage means that low-income workers have been forced to work increasingly longer hours to make ends meet and have less time to spend with their families." Murray has already once before fought and won the argument in raising minimum wage. In 2007, Senator Murray helped pass the first increase to the federal minimum wage in over a decade.