New England

Ben Walker

Settling New England

In 1630 The people made the Massachusetts Bay Colony In New England.

They did not allow anyone who did not believe in the same thing in the colony.

Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson did not agree with it.

So they tried to change the church.

And they got forced to leave so they made a colony called Rhode Island Colony.

Also Thomas Hooker left them and made a colony at Hartford then he joined nearby settlements to make the Connecticut.

Other people moved north for economic opportunities.

David Thomson made a fishing settlement named Portsmouth.

Then the settlements joined together to form New Hampshire Colony.

New Englands Geographic Features

Most of Englands settlements are near water mainly cause England is made up of bays and deep harbors.

The Boston settlement is made on one of there largest harbors and they made traid stations there.

There enviorment and climate made it hard for farming.

New England Resources

Specialization helped the people conserve there resources.

It also lets them makes them skilled at fishing,shipbuilding,and Naval stores.

They killed whales for blubber cause they use it to fuel lamps.

They made ships which was big for them so they traded alot.

Trade and Interdependence

The colonies traded for goods they did not have so it led them to Interdependence.

They traded in now what is Triangular Trade Routes.

The colonies did specialization which made Interdependence.

New England Colonies specialized on naval supplies,fishing,industry,and shipbuilding.

Mid-Atlantic Colonies specialized on fish,livestock,and grain.

Southern Colonies specialized on tobacco,cotton,indigo,and wood products.

New England Towns

They believed that everyone should read the bible.

They wont let anyone in the church who did't believe in the same thing as they did.

Most towns had a general store,sawmill,blacksmith shop,school,and a town church or meeting house.

In the middle of the town was the Common.

Political Life

The Mayflower compact allowed whoever signed it to govern themselves also it allowed Majority Rule.Majority rule means if more or half of the people say one answer it becomes a law.

Everyone could come but only free white men who owned property could vote.

New England Towns