About the Book Found!


  • The setting of this book begins in the time around now,but soon into the book that changes.
  • Once they have found the strange **thing** they get put back in time to about the mid-evil times,just past that.
  • In a castle,and village.


The main character is called Jonah and she meets some interesting people, like,Catherine,Chip and Alex. Jonah she is courageous, she is also stubborn in a way. she is very talented and can learn very fast. Chip is nothing special, he is your ordinary character, because when he is in a situation, he doesn't, hesitate to do anything. Alex is one of those rich kids that doesn't understand what people have to do to do to get success, because it is already set up for him, so he is very greedy and selfish.


In the book found there is a girl called Jonah and she and her friend are going on a plane,and when they are about to get aboard they see no one no crew no pilot, but they see babies, so they have no choice to exit the plane and seek help,days later they get a letter saying your one of the missing, and they have no idea what to do,but further in the book they find out what that letter meant, it is a exciting and awesome journey that you and the characters get to read about, i really enjoyed this book and, would rec-emend this to everyone.

I liked this book because...

  • It was a exciting book!
  • It was also a very suspenseful book making you want to read more.
  • It makes you think about the text.
  • Also it is action packed!
  • All round a great book.