Writing Process

Kaylia Wirfs

Writing Process


Always to be sure to think of some ideas of what your going to write about before you start writing.

  • Be sure to think of a plan
  • write things down as notes


  • Write out a good idea of what you are about to write
  • Be sure that you use you background knowledge to think of what you could add to you lists.


This is where you will create you rough draft.This is where you will actually use you prewriting and plan to start writing a draft of you actual assingnment.


This is where you look over you work and see if it makes sense and is fluid .If it isnt you may have to change a few things.


In this you will be make some corrections on spelling ,missed capitals,punctuation,and etc.You may also have a friend or your mom or day look over it and see what they think.


In this case you will be reading it aloud and actually changing some sentences if needed and adding things if you think it would sound better.


Publishing is where you make it so others can read it you will simply post it somewhere,or e-mail it to people.Just some way for others to see what you have to say.