May 8th Student Wellness Activities

In order to help promote student wellness, Council Rock is providing weekly optional student wellness activities for all grade levels that can be completed either individually or with families on Fridays. The activities address the physical health, mental health, and social connectedness of our students.
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1.) Read this short story to learn about the COVID virus.

What is COVID Anyway?

2.) Try these easy origami creations! Can you make the talking dog?

Easy Origami


1.) Learn about Virus Busters!

Virus Busters

2.) Try one or two …. or ten Mindful School classes to help you stay calm when your emotions are elevated.

Mindful Classes

3.) Want to be PEN PALS??!!??!!

Make up some clues that describe you. Pick a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Mail them the clues! Ask them to write back and be your pen pal while school is closed. This keeps you in touch with your friends and puts fun into waiting for the mail to come!


1.) Cereal or Oatmeal? Listen and watch to learn about the effects of a good breakfast.

Breakfast YouTube

2.) Listen to a story about Macho and the Pixie Pandemic

Macho and the Pixie Pandemic

  • After you listen to the story, you can get cardboard and make a picture of your favorite character.
  • Following the story, you can also talk with your family members about different emotions.
  • Do you think Macho was frustrated or disappointed? Click here for a bonus episode on frustration and disappointment. Frustration? Disappointment?

3.) Yay Seniors, Class of 2020

Make a colorful 2020 sign to put in your window to show love and support to our graduating class of 2020. Let’s show put up the CR Blue for the graduating class of 2020!

Decorate your homes with blue signs, lights, ribbons, and chalk messages of congratulations for our 2020 graduates so they know our community celebrates their accomplishments as the CR senior class!


1.)Adriene is looking for some YOGA company!

Yoga with Adriene

2.) Can Gaming Make a Better Life? Play these games to improve your mental, emotional, social, and physical strength and resilience.


3.) Scavenger hunts
Make a scavenger Hunt for a younger kid … a neighbor, a cousin, a sibling, or a friend’s sibling. Write it out on paper to mail it or in an email and send it to them. Guide the hunt by choosing some things to find. For example, "Find something blue!" Or, "Find five of the same object" Or, "Find three things that start with the letter B!" Try to come up with 10 items. The scavenger hunter can email you back a written list, pictures, and/or videos of their hunt!

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