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April 2016

Your Students Have Been Busy!

In March, students:
  • Participated in our Literacy Blitz in preparation for the OSSLT
  • Wrote the OSSLT. You should receive results with the student's final report card in July. The results are private and will give you an indication of how well the student is mastering the required literacy skills, which are the foundation for success in all subjects and in life beyond school.
  • Listened to the Serial podcast "The Alibi" base on the real life story of Adnan Syed who was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 1999. We are anxiously awaiting the judge's decision of whether to grant Adnan Syed a new trial or not.
  • Planted lots of seeds for our community garden.

In April, students will

  • Write a supported opinion essay to explain whether they believe Adnan Syed is guilty or not guilty.
  • Read a short biography of a Canadian who was wrongfully convicted.
  • Write a report and create a presentation to demonstrate what they have learned about this real life story
  • Discuss ways to manage their emotions and how to resolve conflicts in Personal Life Management

The APC Community Garden

Last semester the Rise Class took on the task of cleaning up the courtyard and planting some bulbs in this space. Thanks to this wonderful weather, we already have some daffodils popping up and several types of garlic sprouting. This spring we are planning to build a community garden out back as well. We have planted tomato seeds, peppers, broccoli, beets, lettuces, basil, and sunflowers, just to name a few.
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Change The World - Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge

We will be participating in the Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge which is being held from April 10 - May 23. Volunteering is an important way for students to get involved in their community. It encourages them to develop an understanding of their civic responsibility to support and strengthen their community. Students must complete 40 hours of community service as a graduation requirement.

Rise students will be going to the YWCA on April 27th and 28th to help prepare newsletters that are sent out to their supporters. I will send permission forms home once the times are confirmed.

Alternative Pathway's Open House

Thursday, April 28th, 4:30-6:30pm

1 Caroline Street

Saint Catharines, ON

Our first ever Open House is scheduled for April 28 from 4:30 pm - 6 pm. The evening will begin with dinner which will be followed by short presentations by Naomi and Kyle. Transportation will be provided if required. Please call Marion at (905) 684-9259. I am looking forward to seeing you all here.

Important Dates

April 15th is a Professional Development Day - no classes for students

April 21st is midterm of semester 2 already. Reports cards will be sent to you by home schools the following week.

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