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Acton Weekly Update: 2/17/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

Cell: 317-331-1920

Twitter: @bwesselburke

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Read Across America Details!

Dress up days:

  • Mixed up Monday- No school

  • Twin Tuesday- Dress like a friend

  • Wacky Wednesday- Wacky Seuss hair

  • Theodore Thursday- Dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character

  • Fun with Reading Friday- Wear a shirt with a saying or words


  • Estimation jar with puff balls

  • Dr. Seuss quote each day

Read-a-thon Wednesday:

  • Read, Read, Read all day long

  • How many different places in the building can you read?

  • How many different ways can you read?

  • Pair with your I-step buddy and read

  • Invite parents and other adults to come read to your class


  • Dr. Seuss door contest! Which teacher has the best, most creative themed door?

Bulletin board

  • Interactive bulletin board outside the library. All students can vote for their favorite Dr. Seuss book

Related Arts

  • Music: sing Dr. Seuss songs

  • Art: create Dr. Seuss pictures or crafts

  • PE: play Dr. Seuss themed games

  • Library: read, compare, contrast Dr. Seuss stories

App- Dr. Seuss Camera- This is an app that does cost 99 cents. There are several versions of it. Check it out!


Click on the link below for this week's PLC Feedback Form.



Link to the SOS Form for any students you need to start the SOS process.


Nuts and Bolts

Food Reminder: No class or extra curricular activity should be providing students with food unless the Food Request Form has been approved by Brook.

Food Request Form

LICE- YUCK! Noone wants to think about them, but they are reality and a few years ago the Marion County Health Department altered the policy for nits and live bugs. This has some parents upset and we've experienced some of that this week. However, we must trust what our health officials guide us to do. Some parents want us to check every student or whole classrooms but research proves that is an ineffective method of prevention or identification. If you think a child may have a case of lice, please send them to Heather Anderson in the clinic and she will evaluate the situation and contact a parent if necessary.

Curriculum and Instruction

FTCSC DIBELS GOALS: Accuracy 85% and Fluency 80%

Ways to Respond to Independent Reading, Read with A Buddy, or Read Aloud Time~

1.) Meet the Author: If you had the chance to meet the author of the book you are reading, what one question would you like to ask him/her?

2.) I predict _____________________ will happen because___________________.

Have your students reread with encouragement and feedback. An adult or peer reads with the student by modeling fluent reading and then asking the student to read the same passage aloud. The adult or peer offers encouragement and feedback.

3-5 Classroom, SPED, ELL Teachers- Are you using the assessment vocabulary in your regular instruction? Are you reviewing regularly with students? If not yet- DO IT NOW! I've posted Assessment vocabulary posters for ELA and Math in the hallways for you to review with students when lined up or passing by. I sent an email with a quick daily review- use it- it's great!



ISTEP TEI (Technology Enhanced Items) Practice Items- This is a must do before the multiple choice tests.

Multiple Choice Practice Test

Reaching ALL Learners

Focusing activities lead to mind-sets of academic optimism and receptiveness to learning.

Pause and Collect: This activity guides students in transitioning from one activity to the next. When students have completed a task or an energizer that took place away from their seats, ask them to return to their desks but remain standing behind their chairs. Then ask them to raise their arms slowly from their sides as they take in a slow, deep breath through the nose. When they have fully raised their arms above their heads, ask students to gently hold their breath for two to five seconds before slowly exhaling through the mouth and lowering their hands to their sides. Next, tell students to pair up with a neighbor and take turns sharing brief responses to a question such as “What are we doing next?” Once partners have answered the question, they can have a seat. This brief activity will reorient students both physically and cognitively to what is happening next.

From: Eric Jensen’s Engaging Students With Poverty In Mind



Additional Opportunities

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) will be offering free, hands-on classroom presentations to Indiana elementary schools in April. IDEM employees will present fun, engaging, and informative presentations that provide students in grades K-6 with examples of environmental careers while teaching them about our environment. The deadline for schools to request presentations is March 3, 2017. Visit IDEM Earth Day Celebration website at www.idem.in.gov/iee/2380.htm.


March 7th K-2 Teachers will get their replacement ipads.

These will be full size and not the mini iPad.

Our second Chromebook cart should arrive within the next week.

iPad carts will be arriving later this semester.

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Athlete Mentors

I've created a Google Sheet with dates and classrooms for student athlete mentors to visit. Please review the dates and find yours. They are listed below and are in a folder in Google Drive for you. If you have any concerns with the date assigned, please let me know. The agenda and schedule that the athletes are given is below.

What's Coming Up

Weekly Updates 2016-2017 : 2nd Semester


20 President’s Day Holiday

21-24 Read Across America Week

21 K-5 Related Arts PD

22 K-5 Related Arts PLC

23 Leadership Team Meeting

23 Nadine here

23rd Sky Zone PTO Fundraiser 4-8 PM

24 ISTEP Assembly

24 YMCA Parent Night Out 6:30-9:30

27 School Board meeting

27-Mar 10 ISTEP Applied Skills (grades 3-5 only)

28 SpEd Elementary PD

28 SpEd Leader Team Mtg


2 Principals Meeting

2 K Reps

2 First Grade Music Program 6:00 PM

3 Cluster teachers Gr 2-5

6 Chow With The Cow

7 PTO Meeting 6:30-8:00 PM

7 1st Gr Reps

8 2nd gr Reps

9 Drills

10 End of grading period

10 4th Gr Reps

10 Indy Air Bears

13 School Board Meeting

13-17 I-READ

14 K-5 Related Arts PD

14 5th Gr Reps

14 SpED Leader Team Mtg

14 Nadie here

15 K-5 Related Art PLC

16 Grading window closes

16 Leadership Team Meeting

17 All Pro Dads 7:45- 8:30 AM

17 Report Cards Distributed

17 3rd Quarter Celebrations

20-31 Spring Break