Economic Racial Inequality

By Amber Holt

Net Worth Gap

Walton Family vs. Everyone Else

In this link the author compares the net worth of white families to non-white families. He also uses The Walton family, founders of Walmart, as a control by comparing both white and non-white families to them.


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On Race Distribution in the USA.

These graphs illustrate visually the percentage of races in certain areas of the US. The proportion of races in certain areas determines what race is being treated unequally. In Nickel and Dimed the second chapter includes some problems that are introduced to the working class because of race. Ehrenreich touches on the fact that Maine is a predominately white state. The problems that could stem from this are that most whites tend expect a certain amount of pay, if an immigrant comes in and offers to do it for less, both races are being taken advantage of. The immigrant will be forced to ask for a non livable wage because the person is so desperate for work. The white person will be let out of a job because someone else will do it for less.


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