World Peace

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How would the world look like at peace?

Have respect for all of the people. It doesn't matter what how we look like. We need to have the same respect of others.


Rights that all should have.

That everybody should get everything the same as other people have so it could be fair.

Everybody can have their own things and people should respect that.

Everybody can go any where, and it doesn't matter what color you are.

You may marry anybody you want and it still doesnt matter if you are black or white.

About Us

My name is Nicole I'm from Honduras and I'm 10 Years old.

And my name is Michal Depczyk, I am 10 years old and I am from Poland and Switzerland.

Ways that children can help by finding world peace

Children can help by stop fighting. Children can help other people to find a solution by not fighting, like adults help kids. All of the children can help one another.

UN, 9/11, Rights, Peace

The UN are many nations that come together to make the world peaceful!

9/11 was a sad day, because many people died because of terrorist. They had planes from the USA that crashed into important buildings.

Rights are important because they're rules that can help us treat each other nicely.

Peace makes people feel safe.