Fashion Designing

Created by Ava Hamric


Don't make people look good when in real life they look horrid.

Make sure your clothing is age appropriate.

Using adjusted models (long legs, torso and neck; too thin) is just not right - nobody is a Barbie, people!

Marketing unoriginal products as your own is illegal, but if you sell them as a fake or knock-off, it's perfectly fine.

Tools (Make Sure You Use These!)

First of all, how are you supposed to get your ideas down without a sketchpad?

Then you need patterns for getting the right sizes and pieces.

How are you going to create the designs without a sewing kit?

What else can you put your creations on but a dummy?

These are just some simple items that can majorly assist with your ideas.

Salary, Description, Education, and Cost


Per year - $62,860

Per hour - $30.22


You will develop skills in design and patternmaking, both traditional and computer-generated. A design and style will be created by YOU.


According to, you need an associates degree, and I wouldn't have to move - the Art Institute of Dallas is kind of in Dallas.


Anywhere from 4,000 to 28,000.