Mark your flag on Mars

By: Carly Astorino

Will Mars have day and night?

Yes, Mars will have day and night because of its axis which is at a 25 degree angle. Mars also has requirement to have day and night. Mars has a sun and has the tilt that is needed for day to affect mars.

Does Mars have years?

Yes, Mars has year. Mars year are longer than one Earth year. One Mars year is 686.98 Earth days. Mars has all the necessities to have years. Mars has the tilt on its axis and has a sun. Earth has four seasons and so does Mars.

Does Mars have seasons?

Yes, Mars has seasons. Mars has a 25 degree tilt which gives mars the ability to experience 4 seasons just like Earth. Mars has longer years so that means that Mars will have longer seasons. Spring is the longest season of all four.

Does Mars have Phases of the moon?

Yes, Mars has phases of the moon because Mars actually has two moons. The moons of Mars names are Phobos and Deimos. They can also see phases of the moon because the sun can light up the moon. You will see two different Phases of the moon at one time because the moons are in different places. It takes Phobos 7.65 hours to revolve around Mars. Deimos takes 30 hours to revolve around Mars.

Are there tides on Mars?

No, Mars doesn't have rides because it doesn't have all the things to have tides. Mars has moons and sun but Mars doesn't have any water so it can't have tides if there is no water on Mars. Although there was once water on Mars because it was frozen.

Are there eclipses on Mars?

Yes, there are eclipses on Mars. Mars has all the things to cause a eclipse. Mars has a sun, two moons, a tilt, revolves in the same plane at new and full moon, rotates, and is a planet. Mars will have both eclipses.

How are Earth and Mars similar and different?

Mars and Earth have a many similarity. One major similarity is that they both can support life. They both have an atmosphere which is very important for human or any life to live anywhere. Another similarity is that they both have four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Last similarity is that they both have day and night, although they may have different lengths they both have around the same time it takes for day and a night to happen. One difference between Mars and Earth is Earth is the 3rd planet away from the sun and Mars is the 4th planet away from the sun which means that Mars takes longer to revolve around the sun. Another difference is the year on Mars. Mars has to revolve longer do that makes the years longer than Earth's years. The last difference is that Mars doesn't have tides. There is no sign of running water on Mars while on Earth most of our planet is water. 71 percent of Earth is water.