Summary of "out of war"

"Out Of War" 5th hour


Hi my name is Matthew k and my name is Terilynn j and the title of our book is "Out Of War" and it is a non-fiction

Main character

all of our book main character is a chapter and they are Juan,Farlis,Beto,joemir,and Alberto that wants a normal life but they are obstacle they have to face.


another interesting thing is that they all something in common and that is they want to stop the war

one of the main character

on page 18 Juan one of the main character states that "my dad have left me at this age but i’m still lucky to be alive and still sad " which show that Juan is still happy and sad at the same time and express how he feel.

interesting fact to those who love this genre

If you like non-fiction, well this is a book for you.