Call to Action

February 17-20th!!!

All it takes is a few moments of your time to help a mother seeking answers in the death of her son.

The police and coroner went against protocol every step of this case!

What REALLY happened to Marcus Merritt Sr.? They say suicide, but NOTHING adds up!

After our last Call to Action, the Louisiana State Police exhumed Marc's body and did an autopsy. Sadly when we got the results 6 months later, no questions were answered and even more problems came out.


Friday, Feb. 17th, 8am to Monday, Feb. 20th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Together We Stand

Together We Stand is a nonprofit dedicated to dismantling racism, discrimination and police brutality nationwide through advocacy, education and legislation.

Instructions for Call to Action

Please Call or Email each of the following people February 17th-20th

Just Copy and paste for emails or write your own.

Detective Mark Fournet - Louisiana State Police

Captain Kevin Devall - Louisiana State Police (225) 925-7703

Major Doug Cain - Louisiana State Police - (225)-925-6202

Joseph Noel - Leonville Chief of Police - (337) 277-0222 or


Russell Pavich M.D. - Coroner St. Landry Parish - (337) 457-1599
Bobby J. Guidroz - Sherrif St. Landry Parish - (337) 948-5810 or (337) 948-6516
Earl B. Taylor- District Attorney St. Landry Parish - (337) 948-3041
City Council:

Mayor Joel Lanclos, Jr. 337-351-0484

Chief of Police Joseph Noel, III 337-277-0222

Council Member Nicholas Degueyter. 337-879-7026

Council Member Brandon Herpin 337-879-9507

Council Member Benita Kennerson. 337-308-0850

Council Member Kirk Stelly. 337-945-1232

Council Member Kerry Willingham. 337-879-2287

Just Copy and paste for emails or write one of your own:


Dear Sir,
I am writing regarding the death of Marcus Merritt Sr.. It is clear that the investigation into his death was not done effectively and appropriately according to standards and protocol. His mother, Royce Eckley deserves answers and deserves to have the death of her son investigated throughly by an independent unbiased entity. Given it was the responsibility of the Leonville police and coroner to provide this initially and that did not occur, and the exhumation of Marcus's body and subsequent investigation still left too many questions unanswered, we call upon you to release ALL of the reports pertaining to Marcus's death. The initial sheet of paper presented to Mrs. Eckley on December 13, 2016, with three paragraphs was not acceptable and the report that was sent to her on December 27th, did not include any of the attachments that were noted in the report. Along with that there are things that are very concerning such as the statement by Chief Noel saying he washed the blood off of the gun prior to placing it in evidence. Mrs. Eckley has been through 4 years of hell simply trying to get a proper and thorough investigation into her son's death and no one should have to endure all that she has. Again, please release the full report, the autopsy report, all attachments and all photos from the death scene and autopsy to Mrs. Eckley.
Nothing short of this is acceptable.

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Make sure to tune in to the Together We Stand podcast on Sunday the 19th at 6pm Pacific 9pm Eastern as we speak with Royce Eckley and Mark Harper of MJA Inc Investigations.

MJA has been a vital part of this case and we would not be here without them.

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