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By: Broc Dusek

A look into Czech Republic

Do you know a lot about Czech Republic, I bet you now a little but not a lot. I will be giving you some facts, these are an example. Czech Republic is one of the weird country because it has been one of the only country to be recorded as two. These are so of the facts I will be sharing with you.

Regions & Geographical Features

The country Czech Republic is located in Europe. Czech Republic is landlocked by Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria. Czech Republic is in the Northern hemisphere & Eastern hemisphere. Czech Republic is slightly larger than Scotland. Czech Republic language is Slovak. Some word in Slovakia is ne means no, and yes is ano. Czech Republic is only about 31,000 spare miles. Czech republic is a very small country. Czech Republic is not by any water. About 95 percent of Czech Republic is hills and mountains. The capital of Czech Republic is Prague.

Climate & weather

The Czech Republic has four seasons, summer, spring, fall, and winter. In the summer It can get pretty cold it ranges from 40 to 70. That is a pretty cold summer. Czech Republic latitude is 51 degrees north to 49 degrees north. Czech Republic's longitude is from 13 degrees east, to 19 degrees east. Czech Republic has had the deadliest tornado ever. Czech Republic has four Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter. In the 1900 the weather in summer was very cold for summer it was always in the 70-60.

Food & Tradition's

On Christmas Czech Republic doesn't eat normal food like we Americans eat for Christmas. Like for a example my family for Christmas always has ham. But they eat sauerkraut which is pork base covered dumpling, and sauerkraut sauce. But Czech Republic Christmas is not till December 4. For Christmas there Santa is a devil and a angel to celebrate the good and bad things they have done. There are two people that are chosen to dress up as the devil & the Angel. On Christmas no light can be on, it means that you will have bad luck. Also there table has to be tied to the door to make sure no one comes in. They can't sit with there back to the door ether.

After reading this essay I hope your interest and knowledge of the Czech Republic have grown. Some facts to remember are how Czech Republic has had the deadliest tornado ever in history. Also how Czech Republic has many rich traditions such as, how Czech Republic celebrates a devil and a angel for Christmas. Finally don't forget that Czech Republic is about 95 percent hills, and mountains.


States in Czech Republic