AIDS/HIV in Sub Saharan Africa

How it affects Africa

  1. HIV and AIDS are a big problem in Africa with over 1,800,00 people being infected each year and because of that Africa is responsible for over 50% of the people who die from them. Sub Saharan Africa is the worst area in the world for these dieseases making up a lot of the infections for it. As you can see in the map below it gets even worse as you go further south. Every year though it is going down because less people are becoming infected due to new treatments being brought over to Africa. For now it still stands as a great problem for the contientent.
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Who's infected the most?

Usually people who are around 30 have it the most. Women also have it more often then men. The worst area is a belt of 16 countries below Ethiopia that goes down the conteintent. They count for 50% of all cases of the world. Most cases can't be cured though because they don't have the medication for it either making it only slowly decrease over time. Since it doesn't go away fast it sits inthoseareas causing even more people to get infected and the people are also born with it increasing theproblem even more.

Look at a Single Country

In Tanzania out of a survey 5.1% of people have it. As said before generally more women were infected then men by about 3% total. In all it has about

What's Being Done to Stop it?

Most countries are donating money to help these countries. Countries such as the US are giving them as much as billions of dollars in medince, doctors, and money to help try and lower these rates for these countries. The countries themselves are trying to find ways to cure people of it as well.