Multiplying and dividing decimals

Madhav Badithela and Daniel Risberg

Importance of multiplying and dividing decimals

Multiplying and dividing decimals is very important. Some examples in real life are : pretend that you wanted to buy a gadget and it was 2.6 times more than it says on the tag (it said 24.23 on the tag) and you didn't know how to multiply decimals then you would accidentally pay more or less than you needed to pay. Another example is that you are buying a toy that costs $22.26 you your mom, dad, and sister want to split the bill with you how would you know how much each person had to pay and you can't divide decimals. You might pay more or less than you need to.

It is important to learn how to divide and multiply decimals because in real life there are many things that include multiplying and dividing decimals (a few are our examples) most jobs require you to know how to multiply and divide decimals EXAMPLE: cashiers, engineers, and many more. That is why it is important to know how to multiply and divide decimals. :)

Multiplying decimals tutorial.

Dividing decimals tutorial


1. 62.998

2. 5.565