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Four steps to designing E-commerce websites

With internet becoming a medium for everything, from advertising and information to sale and purchase, e-commerce websites have also gained immense popularity. Another reason for the increasing popularity of e-commerce websites is the convenience to shop online Apart from putting up exciting sales and offers, the layout and design of an e-commerce website matters to a large extent in attracting the visitors to the website.

The consistency of your e-commerce website may be greatly affected if a customer is unable to get through successfully and quickly (before they change their mind) to the payment page. Further, quicker the payment methodology, quicker the chances of you receiving your money. Following are some crucial points to be given consideration while designing and running an e-commerce website:

It is very important for e-commerce websites that they categorize their choices. It could be on several parameters, ranging from brands to type of product and many others. One of the most important examples of this categorization is the size of the product. This is all the more evident when it comes to clothes. These categorizations optimize the searching time for customers, reducing them to a matter of seconds.

Navigation within categories is also an essential aspect of e-commerce web designing An essential aspect of e-commerce web designing is navigation within categories. Customers often change their choices before they make their final payment. Hence, the website design should be such that it allows the customer to go back to the earlier menu and make the change. An easier and simplified website design is a much better alternative than the repetitive pressing of the 'back button' on the keyboard .

Many a times, a customer ends up selecting a product which is already out of stock and comes to know only after completion of finalization and payment. Even though it’s okay to leave an out-of-stock product on your website, its status as an out-of-stock product must be clearly displayed. This way, you would end up causing less frustration to the customer and also save yourself from the embarrassment of apologizing later.

The entire concept of e-commerce is dependent upon the fact that one can’t really see or touch the product one wishes to purchase. It is a virtual market which is solely dependent upon The images put up on the website. An important factor to bear in mind is the presence of high quality pictures of products so that the customers are attracted. The website may include a product portfolio, comprising of various pictures of the product.

In order to keep the customers engaged, e-commerce websites provide the options of subscribing to the newsletter and providing client testimonials. This would help you build a stronger email database whereby you can keep updating your clients about latest promotional offers and schemes.

However, make sure that the newsletter form uploaded on the website is not tedious for the customers. Also, it should be ensured that the website be kept simple, with the testimonial taking only the optimal space. Putting the option of testimonials on the side bars could be a suitable option for the web designers.

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