Helen Keller

Helen's life story

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Helen's Childhood

Helen Keller was born in a modest family on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen later became blind and deaf with a strange disease that hit her when she was only 18 months old. Her dad, Arthur Keller, took her to a doctor who then told him to consult Alexander Graham Bell for her hearing. He recommended a special teacher to teach Helen. When she was only six, her teacher Sullivan taught her hundreds of vocabulary words and even multiplication within six months. When Helen was 9, she then went to Horace Mann School of the Deaf where she learned 6 elements of speech within an hour.


I believe that Helen often had conflicts with herself as well as society because many families didn't favor the handicapped and she was blind and deaf. She resolved these conflicts by going to a school for the blind where she then learned many vocab words. She got president Roosevelt to sign a Social Security Act which gave the blind retirement funds, unemployment insurance and child assistance.


Helen had lots of courage and with that courage, she accomplished many things. In 1932, she got the standard reading and writing system for the blind to be changed to braille. She also got the government to add the blind to the disabled group which helped them apply for financial help.

Additional Information

She wrote a book called The Story of my Life and dedicated it to Alexander Graham Bell for understanding her and making friends with her. Some people didn’t support Helen in her acts. Helen later became a world famous speaker and author in favor of the disabled. Sadly, on June 01, 1968 Helen passed away but she'll always be known for her heroic acts and how she changed America forever. They thought she was calling for attention because of her disabilities. Although many people didn't support her, she still kept her courage and fought her way to success.

A Quote from Helen

Helen made many inspirational quotes like,

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

I believe this quote means that you need to keep confident and have hope for that will lead to success. If you keep faith, you can achieve anything.


The video below shows Helen with her vocal instructor, Sullivan. Sullivan explains how she taught Helen to talk. First, Helen places her thumb on Sullivan's throat, her ring finger on her nose and her pointer finger on her mouth. By using this technique, Helen can determine what sounds are being made and can make out words Sullivan is saying.
How Helen Keller Learned to Talk.


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