May Class Newsletter

News for Mongenas/Seeger Team

Content Corner

In Word Study, we have been reviewing parts of speech, as well as reviewing synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and possessives.

In Reading Workshop, we continue to work on reviewing skills that we have worked on throughout the school year. We’ve had a fair amount of practice identifying main idea/central idea and details within a given text. Students are using their higher level thinking skills. They continue to work on important reading strategies while reading– connecting, predicting, summarizing, inferring, determining importance, visualizing and creating pictures in our mind while reading. We also just completed reading Charlotte's Web, our end of the year novel. The students enjoyed reading this classic aloud in class. E.B. White does a wonderful just of "showing" and not "telling" this creatively written story by helping the reader visualize every scene.

In Writing Workshop, we continue to work on our writing. We continue to focus on writing our friendly letter correspondences with our 2nd grade pen pals, as well as writing poetry. We just began working on our personal narrative writing. The students are focusing on developing a strong hook/lead, using dialogue, our senses, figurative language, and word choice in order to create a visual mind picture while reading our narrative. The writing process is being taught and their final draft will be typed.


In this quarter we focused on geometry. Students learned about identifying and classifying quadrilaterals by describing the shapes with common attributes such as the types of sides and angles. We are also focusing on elapsed time, telling time to the nearest minute, measuring items to the nearest fourth inch, measuring mass, and measuring volume.


So far this quarter we learned about various forms of energy, including heat, sound, magnetic, and electrical. Students are learning about the behavior, growth, and change of living organisms. We are focusing on life cycles, inherited and learned behaviors, traits, animal classification, and adaptations. Students will observe living organisms during our science labs.

Important Dates & Reminders

Thursday, May 11th Green Acres Field Trip

Friday, May 12th-Unified Arts-Shine Night from 5-7 pm

Friday, May 19th-Prospector Man

Friday, May 19th-Poetry Reading and Celebration of our Writing

*10:15 am for Mrs. Mongenas' Class and

*12:15 pm for Mr. Seeger's Class in room 214

Tuesday, May 23rd Field Day 9:30-11 am

Thursday, May 25th-End of the Year Party 1:00-1:45pm

Poetry Reading and Celebration of our Writing

On Friday, May 19th in our ELA class, we will be celebrating the writing that the students have written throughout the school year. The students have really grown as writers this year and this is an opportunity for them to share their writing with everyone.

Please join us for this special occasion.

* 10:15 am for Mrs. Mongenas' class and

* 12:15 pm for Mr. Seeger's class in room 214

Seed Sightings

These students have been seen spreading the seeds of LIFESKILLS.

Evan, Jonah, and Jerrica-have demonstarted the lifeskill of personal best. They all have worked hard during the school day to show their personal best . We are very proud of the hard work that they each have demonstrated.

Ellie and Vedant-are putting forth creativity with their work at school. Keep up the imagination!

Mrs. Mongenas' and Mr. Seeger's classes-have both demonstrated the lifeskill of perserverance throughout the quarter. The students have worked hard as readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientist. Keep up the great work!

Steve Seeger

3rd Grade Math, Science, and Social Studies Teacher

Indian Hill elementary School