Middle East/ Islam Today

By: Hope Frederick and Anne-Claire Jones

Iraq and Syria

The ISIS Terrorist group feels that they are carrying out their religion by their actions because they are referring back to the Quran's verses. Such as chapter 2 and verse 216 in the Quran where it incites fighting and killing non-Muslims in cold-blooded ways. This group has been working with the terrorist group, al Qaeda, since 2006 until now. Most of the groups violent actions have been taking place in Iraq and Syria but have been damaging to other countries in the world as well. Lately, the countries with ISIS Terrorist attacks have been known as unfavorable to other countries and have caused a lot of negative attention to the religion. Therefore, terrorism is easily argued that it is part of the Islamic religion, but a lot of Islams believe that ISIS has interpreted the Quran incorrectly and that it is not okay for these acts to take place.

Israel and Palestine

The Israeli and Palestinian conflict has been ongoing since 1967 until now. The conflict has been mainly going on around the Lebanon border with Israel and in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The PLO has been setting up in Lebanon, around refugee camps, and sending bombs into Israel. This conflict has been very difficult for the Jews, Arabs,and Israelis. It has made the country come across as unfavorable and dangerous.

Women and Islam

Many women in the countires of: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria, have been ruled over by their husbands for many years. This is mainly because in the Quran it states that ,"Men have authority over women, for God has preferred in bounty one of them over the other." This is caused by the thought that evil exists in womens souls. Therefore, the men in these countries can tell the women what to do and they have no say becuase they could be punished. This has made these countires very unfavorable to other countries that believe women deserve the same amount of rights as men.

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