The use of IT in Job Seeking

Chris Leonard

First an explanation of how to create a Google Account. This is to gain access to the Google cloud based software that will be covered in the rest of this article.

The online software packages that will be covered are,

1: Google Drive

2: Google Mail

3: Google Calendar

4: YouTube

Creating a Google Account

A Google Account gives you access to all of Google's products such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Google Drive, Calendar and many many more. Google is also partners with many other websites out there, so with your Google Account, you can sign up to thousands of other websites that you may need to use.

Creating an account is easy, you simply need to go to Google's website and sign up. This is completely free, no need to enter any payment details or your address. Simply go to this will then present you with the page thats show below. Simply enter your details as required and your good to go. Youll now have access to all the software and your own "" email address.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is an online software package provided by Google. This is a free to use package for any Google account holder and comes packed with many tools for creating files. Its basically Google's take on Microsoft Office though for free and all cloud based. From the main hub of Google Drive, you can create Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms and also Drawings.

Why is this useful

The use of Google Drive when searching for a job is the storage. You can store your CV and Cover Letter to the Google Drive server which is then accessible world wide by simply entering your username and password. This means you are constantly connected to your CV if you see an opportunity you like.

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Google Mail

Google Mail is another free service provided by Google. This is what Google is mostly know for providing, its an email platform that's free to sign up and use. You are given your very own "" to use, this can then be used for any website or any service that requires you to have an email address as part of the login. When you first login to Google Mail, you are greeted with the screen as seen below, this is your first time tutorial on the layout and the tools on Google Mail. Its an interactive tutorial and guides you through the basis of Google Mail, and also shows you what each button does and how to send your first email. Its a great step by step tutorial.

Why is this useful

Having an email address when searching for a job is a vital step. This is because you may need to email your CV, Cover Letter or application to the employer. An employer may also want to contact you regarding your application, as email is the easiest way to keep a record of all messages sent and received its great to use this service. Its quick and easy to keep your emails up-to-date and thy can be wirelessly pushed to your smartphone.

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Below is your mail screen for Google Mail. This is your email inbox where all your new emails will be listed. All new emails will be highlighted and all opened emails will be white, this is so that you know what emails you have already read. You have tabs on the side to access sub folders such as your sent emails, junk emails and also emails that you have deleted. You can create new folders to organize your mail.
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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another free service provided with a Google free account. This is simply what its called, a Calendar though that you can sync with all your devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and also where you can share calendar information with others via email. Its interface makes adding entries to dates easy and simple. You can simply double click on the day you with to add an entry and then its as simple as that, just add a name and a time and your done. Its the same user interface as with all other Google online services. You choose to view the calendar in either a day, week or month view when viewing your calendar entries. Below is the screen your greeted with when you open Google Calendar, its the month view setting.

Why is this useful

Using Google Calendar when searching for jobs is a great idea. This is because you can input into the calendar any interview dates and deadlines for application submissions. This will ensure that you then are on time with any meeting that could help you secure gaining a job. This data can then be wirelessly pushed to your smartphone to keep you in sync at all times.

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YouTube is one of the most popular services provided by Google. This is an online video sharing website that's used by millions worldwide each and everyday. Its used by companies both large and small, public and also heavily by the music industry. Its great in business as companies can make a short film for either an upcoming product or an advert for something current and then upload that video to YouTube. Its viewing possibilities are then worldwide and endless. People can share that video to there friends, and even comment to the company that hosted it . Its also used now to publish Job adverts, as companies will create a short intro of a job, demonstrate in video and then ask you to apply. Its just another way that everything in the world is going electronic and digital and companies and organisations round the world are getting involved massively. Below is the YouTube home screen at

Why is this useful

You simply need to make a search for example "Job Advice" and you will find all videos on there service with the words Job Advice in the clip. This could be hints and tips, advice or ways of updating your CV. Either way there are thousands of videos that will be help to you.

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