Bloomin' Butterflies

June 2016

If you haven't heard the news, Miss Leslie is joining Miss Sarah as a lead teacher in the Butterfly room! She just graduated from UW-Stout and is so very excited to take on this new role! Feel free to go to her with any questions or concerns. :)

May Recap

Last month, we definitely took advantage of the weather warming up and the sun coming out! We played outside and took as many walks as possible whenever the weather allowed. We started seeing a few changes in our classroom set-up and explored some teacher guided activities.

Looking Ahead

June will see some more classroom changes with some additional centers and new toys! Miss Sarah and Miss Leslie are looking forward to changing things up and challenging our friends in some different ways. We'll also be seeing a few friends moving up to the Ladybug Room and some of our Caterpillar friends taking their place! (Welcome to Juniper and James!) Water Days will begin and continue every Wednesday throughout the summer (reminder that we only need suits). We just know this summer is going to be great!