Robert Falcon Scott

By Rachael Schroeder

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Robert Falcon Scott is an Antarctica Explorer

Robert Scott

Robert was born on the June 6 1868, Plymouth, Devon (UK) and he lived here for most of his life.He Died March 29 1912, Ross ,Ice shelf, Antarctica.He was 43 years old.When he died he was in a tent with another man.


His Parents were John Edward Scott and Hannah Scott.Robert is married to Kathleen Bruce.Together they had a child named Peter Scott.


Robert went to Antarctica twice, once with Sir Ernest Shackleton. When he came back he had caught the explorer bug.Robert decided to go again and try to reach the South Pole.

The technology he used was a motor sledges( which were experimental).


One of Roberts achievements was reaching the South Pole. When he got to the South Pole he realised that another explorer had been then before him.