Lady Antebellum

By Sierrah Beaman

Lady Antebellum Still On The Road

Lady Antebellum have had the most amazing 9 years in their band together. They've wrote many songs together and have came a long way, but can they keep themselves together as a group?
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Lady Antebellum is a country band group. They started in 2006. Charles Kelley had started the band group from the very start. His middle school friend, Dave Haywood was persuaded by Charles to move to Nashville, Tennessee so they can write songs together. Along the way, Hillary Scott had joined the band. They all began to write and preform music so they could get closer to each other and become better friends.

Musical Accomplishments

Lady Antebellum have won many awards through out the past couple years. They have won 52 awards. They have also won 112 nominations. Earlier this year, the got rewarded with Vocal Group of The Year award. Another one of their accomplishments was that they released 8 albums.


Lady Antebellum have been on many tours and pretty soon going to be on another. Their first tour was in 2008 which was the "Waking Up Laughing tour." They then went on a tour in 2010. Which was the "Need you Now" tour. "Take me Downtown" was a tour they had went on in 2014. And this year (2015) had a tour called "Wheels Up Tour."


Lady Antebellum are still going along on the road and still touring. They want a break but are trying to do as much as they can to keep their fans on their feet.
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