Edmond Doyle News


We hope everyone had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Our school has been blessed by many in our community that wanted to make sure our students had a great Christmas. Thank you to E-Angels, Kennedy Eyecare Center, Shared Blessings, McAlester Ammunition Base, several anonymous donors, and First Assembly of God Church. Thanks to the generosity of so many kind, loving people-our students had a great Christmas. We appreciate you loving our children. Hopefully, they will grow up to be productive citizens that can give back to their community someday! Paying kindness forward is always a wonderful goal to have!


1st grade-94.30%*4th Place

2nd grade-95.48%**3rd Place

3rd grade-95.80%****1st Place

4th grade-95.51%***2nd Place

Please make it a priority to be on time and at school this semester. Children that do this are more successful and more likely to graduate.

Let us know if you have new phone numbers or new addresses!

Upcoming events:

Indian Education Cultural Visit-Friday, January 5th

1st grade-8:15

2nd grade-9:15

3rd grade-10:15

4th grade-12:30

School Board Meeting-Edmond Doyle Cafeteria-6:00p.m., Monday, January 8th

4th grade goes to Mt. Triumph Baptist Church for Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration-11:00

a.m., Friday, January 12th

No School-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 15th

KTC puppet show for 2nd grade-Wednesday, January 17th-1:00p.m.

Miss Oklahoma Assembly-Friday, January 26th-10:30p.m.