Tim Berners-Lee

By Zach Wallace 2BR

The World Wide Web

After graduating from Oxford University, TimBL went on to create the world wide web, an incredible invention and one of the main reasons that technology is where it is today. The world wide web better known as WWW. The WWW is an internet based HTML, that can be used all around the world. TimBL was born on the 8th of June in 1955. TimBL created the WWW on the 25th of December 1990. When he grew up he attending Emanuel School. After TimBL graduated from Oxford, with his first class Physics degree he moved to Plessey, Poole to work in telecommunications. Soon after he moved to work with D.G. Nash in Dorset. Again he moved, but this time to CERN, which he stayed at until 1980, before returning again in 1984. In 1989, he sawe the chance to join hypertext on the internet. This became a hobby and led to the creation of the WWW. From back then until now, TimBL, has been trying desperately to improve the WWW, and has also done lots of charity work. TimBL also made an appearance at the summer London 2012 Olympics.