Two Peas in a Pod...

Nutrition and Physical activity By: Cedric Lapine


Everyone should eat healthy as it has many benefits which include giving you energy, maintaining a healthy weight, boosting immune system, warding off diseases, and helping you get over fatigue.


To eat healthy find foods that you like that are healthy. When you go to the grocery store look for a fruit or vegetable that you might like and try it. To help advocate this project I made a bowl of all the fruits that were normally thrown away because they were not eaten before they expired. I put this bowl on the counter in the kitchen as it would be more accessible when you would go to the kitchen to snack. After a week with the "Fruit Bowl" on the counter all the fruit was gone. After polling my family members they found it easier to make healthy choices if the food was more readily available. If you have all the fruits and vegetables readily available do what I did and put them out so you know they are a choice when snacking.


Physical activity is very important for your body to stay healthy. Although you may not want to exercise if you don't it has the consequences of fatigue, increased appetite, stress, and poor sleep. ( Exercising increases your chances of living longer, makes you feel better about yourself, and can even help decrease your chance of becoming depressed. Not only this but physical activity helps you sleep better and stay at a healthy weight. ( This project helped me to get my family more active. For two straight Saturdays we had a "Family Workout." My mom and older sister now go to the gym more often as a result of this project and are in a better mood than they were before this project.