Mariano Canuso

What is an Electromagnet?

And electromagnet is a soft metal core made into a magnet by the passage of electric current through a coil surrounding it.

How does it work?

The poles of an electromagnet can even be reversed by reversing the flow of electricity. An electromagnet works because an electric current produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field produced by an electric current forms circles around the electric current, as shown in the diagram below:

Who invented the electromagnet? And how was it invented?

William Sturgeon

The first electromagnet was a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron that was wrapped with a loosely wound coil of several turns. When a current was passed through the coil; the electromagnet became magnetized and when the current was stopped the coil was de-magnetized. Sturgeon displayed its power by lifting nine pounds with a seven-ounce piece of iron wrapped with wires through which the current of a single cell battery was sent.

3 examples of electromagnets used in everyday life?

1. Generator

2. Small Motors

3.Kitchen Appliances