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Happy May Falcons!

With summer right around the corner we have several end of year events happening. Read this month's newsletter for upcoming dates and events.

The Super Solver - "Listen Locker" Advice

How do you prevent your friends from ditching you?

Make sure you aren't doing anything to hurt their feelings. Also, talk to them about why they are ditching you. Maybe they are not a good friend group to hang around and find another group but confronting the problem first is the utmost importance.

School is so stressful, my friends hate me and my boyfriend said he cheated on me and wants to break up. I am really sad and I feel worthless. What should I do?

First and foremost, YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS! Middle school is HARD for all of us. Try to focus your attention on what makes you happy and be around people who encourage you. This way you won't be focusing on what is hurting you but what makes you happy. Doing things that make you happy, can increase your confidence to stand up to your friends and boyfriend. Don't let things block your path to success!

I have zero motivation to do homework and I'm failing classes. My teacher doesn't teach and I just got a 66 on a test for another topic.

Think about this: divide your work load into time increments and take breaks in between (work for 15 min. and then break). When you are finished you get the joy of focusing on what you want to do! This will motivate you to get a "reward" when you are finished. Try to engage and focus on what your teacher is saying. If that doesn't work, come after school/class to talk about different work ethics with your teacher.

I like a guy in a happy relationship. How do I cope with my feelings?

If he is in a happy relationship, do not get in the middle of their relationship; it would cause problems for them and possibly between you and him. Think about the situation from their viewpoint and be happy for him. As far as coping with your feelings, try and keep a journal about how you are feeling because some times that helps to get it out and who knows...maybe in the future you might have a chance.

End of Year Events!

6th Grade Field Day!

Friday, May 27th

$7.00 you will get you lunch (hamburger, chips, cookie and a soft drink)

$4.00 no lunch but the cost goes towards all your activities for the day

7th Grade Field Trip - Main Event

Thursday, May 19th

Endless fun at MAIN EVENT! Money is currently being collected. If you have not turned it in, please do so quickly.

8th Grade Party at Circle R Ranch

Date: Friday, May 20th

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Cost: $40 per student

Money will be collected before school May 2nd – May 13th

Lunch will be provided for all students.

All students will be required to have a field trip form signed by a parent.

8th Grade Awards Ceremony

Date: Saturday, May 21st

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Dance to follow: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Cost: $10 per ticket

Tickets will be on sale through Ms. Cummings and Mrs. Marlow(before & after school)

May 2nd – May 13th

Light appetizers, punch and cake will be served.

Students receiving an award will be notified prior to ceremony.

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May 5th = Algebra EOC

May 9th = 6th and 7th Grade Math - 8th Grade Math Re-Test

May 10th = 6th and 7th Grade Reading - 8th Grade Reading Re-Test

May 11th = 8th Grade Science

May 12th = 8th Grade Social Studies

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