Newsletter to MCMS Parents

Dear Voyager Parents:

I wanted to let you know when and where you can find me during conference times next week. Since I am serving LT and MC this year, I am going to spend one evening and part of Thursday (day) in each building. If you would like to see or talk to me, but I am not available when you are, please send me an email and we will try to find another time to talk.

LTMS Conference times (I will be in the gym)

Wednesday evening from 3:30 to 7:30pm

Thursday from 9:30 to 11:00 am

MCMS Conference times (I will be in 407)

Thursday 12:00-4:30 pm; 5:15-8:00 pm

Coming Up!

First Quarter Seminar—Friday, October 3rd at LTMS

The first quarter seminar, called “Whodunnit?” will be held on Friday, October 3rd , at LTMS. The Special Education department will cover the cost of bussing the Mill Creek Voyagers to LT for the day. They will be picked up at 8:10 am and be returned by 2:40 in time to catch the students’ busses or rides home. Students will work in grade level groups with LT students to solve a crime. They will be using analysis skills and scientific inquiry to sort through a variety of types of crime evidence (fingerprints, DNA analysis, lab reports, transcripts of witness interviews, etc.) By the end of the day, the groups will have to write a scenario of what they believe occurred, who their major suspect is and why. They will discuss their findings with other grade level groups. We will have several brain breaks with games and other short activities.

  • Lunch: Students may either choose to bring their lunch or to buy it at LTMS. They only need their code.

8th grade Voyagers

In eighth grade, we are working on refining speech skills in order to build confidence and improve elocution. Students have done extemporaneous speeches and they are now working on analyzing one of the Great Speeches in history. They will have to determine the theme and look for rhetorical devices used in strong presentations. The students will be giving their own presentations about their chosen speech. After those are done, the eighth graders will begin to work on a debate unit. I hope to encourage them to take the class in high school.

7th grade Voyagers

The seventh grade Voyagers are working on their speech skills, as they all have to give presentations from time to time. I want them to learn how to give a good presentation that has a strong introduction, transitions from topic to topic in the body, and a conclusion that sums up their key points and leaves the audience with something to think about. Their first speeches about an object of importance showed some strong skills and others that still need to be developed. The students’ next speeches will focus on the theme of CHANGE. They need to find a current event in an area of interest, hopefully related to their IEP goal. They will need to read and analyze the article for the theme. Does the article describe a change? Would a change result from the event described? Does a change need to occur? They may need to do some further research to understand this event more completely. The students also have to analyze the gains and losses of the change, as well as to think about what differing perspectives there might be on the issue. Students should be giving these speeches by the end of the quarter.

6th grade Voyagers

Sixth grade Voyagers have spent the first few weeks finding out about themselves—their strengths and weaknesses as gifted learners, what type of learner they are, what are their strongest “intelligences” are, and what type of personality they have. The Voyagers have enjoyed seeing how they compare to each other as well. Now they are writing IEP goals and planning projects or activities related to those IEP skills that they are working on right now.