From Conflict to Cooperation

Positive Parenting Based on Jewish Principles

Learn how to get the results you want when it comes to parenting.

This 6-week series will help you reduce tension and conflict in your home by teaching you how to use your parental authority to create a relationship of love, respect and cooperation with your child.

Topic Include:

Setting up a happy home

Creating an emotional bond with your child
Communication with children

Teaching values

Managing your emotions and staying calm

Encouraging cooperation
Dealing with power struggles and manipulative kids

Establishing boundaries while encouraging independence

Enforcing rules and consequences
Sibling rivalry and fighting

and more...

Series Details

  • What: 6-week parenting series
  • For Whom: Parents of kids ages 10 and under
  • When: Friday mornings @ 8:15 am starting January 22
  • Where: Preschool Resource Room
  • Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School 3630 Afton Rd. San Diego 92123
  • Cost: $90
  • Enrollment details: Enrollment is limited to 8 so RSVP to reserve your spot.
  • Email:

About the Instructor

Ariella Adatto's parenting workshops have been developed based on Torah principles of education blended with modern educational psychology. Educated at YULA, BJJ Women's Seminary in Jerusalem and Harvard College, Ariella's background includes 20 years of teaching Torah classes for women with an emphasis on seeing the relevance of traditional Judaism to modern day life. Her parenting classes are an outgrowth of this same approach, giving parents perspective and skills to get through today's challenges while maintaining focus on raising kids for their future. Ariella and her husband, Moshe, who is Dean of SCY High School in San Diego, have 7 kids ranging from 5 to 18.


"This is a preventative punishment class. It teaches the parent how to build a strong, positive bond between you and your child so that less punishing is necessary, more honor is given to the parents and the relationship between parents and children is stronger." - S.B.

"I lovvvvvved this parenting class! With such a wholesome mothering style, Ariella not only teaches you how to better communicate with your children but by default one learns how to communicate with their spouse and others." -R.W.

"Ariella's parenting class is a must for each and every parent; there is truly something for everyone, no matter the ages of their children. The class was specifically enlightening for parents of young children. A whole new mindset to enter; a more peaceful, understanding and calm way to approach life's challenges with children." -L.S.

"Taking Ariella's parenting class was so valuable to me. The philosophy she teaches is very practical and makes so much sense.

"Ariella lays it out very clear and organized with great examples and explanations. She knows the material she teaches inside and out because she lives it everyday with her own children. I'm so grateful to have taken her class and definitely plan on taking it again for reinforcement." - N.E.