Supporting School at Home

How can parents help their child succeed in the classroom?

  • Visit the teacher's EBoard often! You can help your child by knowing what assignments are due, when tests are, and what projects the class is working on. You can even print assignments and worksheets from home
  • Log on weekly to the Parent Portal. You can access your child's grades and view their progress.
  • Create a method of communication with teachers. Email, call, set a meeting to address your concerns.
  • Make sure your child has a quiet place to do work at home. Have supplies like pencils, pens, calculators, markers, and paper in a draw ready to go.
  • Help your child study for tests.
  • Read together... a storybook or a news article. Take time to learn together!
  • Get involved! Ask questions about school, help brainstorm ideas for an assignment, or even take an educational field trip.