By: Trinity and Shakia

Why is hydroelectricity the new source of energy?

Hydroelectricity may cost a lot of money when you are first installining it, but after that it gives you electricity from moving water. You dont have to burn anything to get energy it's a clean and resource full energy source.

Is hydropower a good for the environment?

Why is Hydropower bad for the environment?

When you build the hydropower dams it takes up the space that the animals live .These dams emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. With these gasses coming out the trees and plants start to rot from the roots up. The area that is dammed up may have been somones home, but when you need energy that is renewable you will do almost anything for it even if it makes other angry.

My Opinion

I know that hydropower has both pros and cons but I beleive that it is a really good energy source. With this we would be able to have energy for plenty of people for a very long time. With moving water as the source we would have constant energy, because water will always be available and moving.