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Stock up on winter skin & hair care essentials..

Our skin and hair care range of luxury, high quality products are bursting with natural ingredients, skin softening textures and custom blended fragrances !! Transport your senses to a tropical island getaway with kb Bahamas, or take trip to our holistic pharmacy of herbal remedies and essential oil blends with Kelli Bain Apothecary.. Enter discount code VET13

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Apothecaries were pharmacists who dispensed a variety of remedies, including herbs. The ancient wisdom of herbal medicines still applies to today's health concerns. Seeking to mimic the herbalists and apothecaries of my ancestors, I set out on a mission. My mission was to refine the beauty of nature by blending soothing and intoxicating aromas with a potent array of plant extracts, nourishing fruit and vegetable oils, and loads of vitamins and antioxidants to promote physical and emotional wellness.

I seek to set a new standard for purity, luxury and responsibility in the beauty industry. I utilize my science background and extensive knowledge of African/Afro Caribbean customs and traditions to create a globally conscious, cross-cultural experience for the mind, body and spirit.

As a modern-day Herbalist, Chemist and College Professor, I help those who wish to explore an organic/herbal, holistic approach to their skin and hair care needs. I offer private consultations, classes & workshops, and a variety of herbal skin and hair care products.

Peace & Blessings,

Kelli N. Bain, Founder & Formulations Chemist

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