Energy Resources

Chapter 5 Lesson 3

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is a non renewable energy resource which means that there is a limited supply of it. The power plants that create nuclear energy or Nuclear Power Plants are relatively inexpensive to operate. These power plants also do not create air pollution, but they do produce an extremely dangerous radioactive waste that will severely damage the atmosphere. This radioactive waste is stored under the very power plants that created it.

The way that nuclear energy is created is when uranium nuclei are split up creating a reaction that starts the process. So to sum it up nuclear energy has its ups and its downs (and big downs at that!)



Biomass is a common energy resource specifically known as Renewable Energy Resource. A renewable energy resource is a energy resource that is replenished faster than it can run out. Biomass can also come from many different things such as wood which mainly comes from the U.S. Agriculture waste which is mainly from the country by the name of Mauritius. Then you have South East Asia which has candy cane residue? (don't ask cause i don't know) and rice husks. Finally last but not least you have poultry litter which commonly found UK. There are so ,any more sources where can find biomass but it would take me forever to find them and i don't have forever so anyway some other big sources are animals and wood. So ladies and gentlemen that just about sums it all up so that's biomass and I will see you later.
This is yet another example of resource that biomass can be formed from.
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