Civil Engineer

Civil engineers have such a cool job!

What do they do?

Civil engineers consider factors in designs, cost of construction, give expected lifetimes of the project and give caution to hazards

What education and skills do you need?

To be a civil engineer you must have a Bachelors degree in engineering, but if you want a basic research position you only have to have a Graduates degree. You must be able to communicate well with others.


You need to be a creative, inquisitive, analytical and focus on detail.

How do they help?

Civil engineers design buildings that can survive a major earthquake without damage, they build dams to provide hydroeletric power, they design bridges that are pretty to look at but essential for moving people and goods.

What is the projected job growth and annual salary?

The job growth of civil engineers is an average of 14% to 20% and IN DEMAND. As a civil engineer you will make about $77,990 annualy.

Who will hire you?

Thats cool!

If you ever used a bathroom, faucet, road, building or a bridge then thank a Civil Engineer. Civil Engineers help design and make all of those things!