The Buzz...from the Busy Bees

Mrs. Slominsky's Class 2015-2016

May 9-13

Hello Busy Bee Families,
I can't believe how fast this year is going. We have less than two weeks left, and we still have so much to do! Please be sure to check your child's folder and backpack each night because soon we'll begin bringing things home to keep.
Yearbooks were sent home today if you ordered one. We will plan to do a yearbook signing day on Monday, May 16. Please be sure your child brings their yearbook to school on Thursday if they wish for other children and teachers to sign it.
I thought we had enough snacks to last us through the end of the year, but we might be a tad bit short. If you have something at home that you could send in for our class snack, that would be great. No peanuts, please.
It's going to "bee" a great week!

Mrs. Michelle Slominsky

Reader's Workshop

This week we are doing a Reader's Theater for our Shared Reading. We'll be practicing reading fluently and paying attention to the end marks. Our play is called From Seed to Plant. We're also working on long vowel spelling patterns. Check out the starfall site for some great practice.

Writer's Workshop

This week we are spending some time reviewing our writing from the year. I'll be anxious to send this home for you to see how your child has grown as a writer. Your child will use the checklist to review their end of the year writing. The Fab 5 Checklist includes:
1. Stretch out your words
2. Capital at beginning, word I and start of names
3. End marks
4. Spaces between words
5. The writing makes sense

Math Workshop

This week we'll be learning coins, their value and how to show values with different coins. We'll be linking our knowledge of coins to place value. For example, if you need $.58, that is the same as 5 tens and 8 ones or 5 dimes and 8 pennies. You can trade the 5 dimes for 2 quarters.

Content/Language Workshop

This week we'll be learning all about the physical structures and needs of plants. We'll experiment with what happens to plants when they don't get what they need. We'll dissect a plant to get a closer look at all its parts. We'll even do a fun experiment where we act as the bees to find out more about pollination.
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Field Day

Friday, May 13th, 9am

3414 South Mentor Avenue

Springfield, MO

Information about Field Day was sent home in Friday folders. We are pumped for a day of FUN!