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January 12, 2018

If We Don't Tell Our Stories, Someone Else Will

Thursday in our staff meeting I talked about telling our story at CN. Telling our story isn’t just a tool or device to use once in a while; it’s an essential strategy in communication and in marketing our school. If we want to build trust, enthusiasm, and loyalty with our stakeholders (students, parents, the community), storytelling is the answer. There are people out there willing to tell their story of our school, true or not. And unfortunately there are others willing to listen without checking the facts or degree of truth. Social media is often a hotbed for these types of communications.

What can we do to combat these negative, often untrue communications? Why should we care about telling our story? Because, as educators, part of our job is to convince parents that entrusting their children into our hands is a smart choice. We want to build trust, confidence, and unity throughout our school and in our community. Stories are the key. Sharing our story allows us to:

  • Convey and demonstrate our values

  • Create engagement and trust

  • Provide stakeholders with truthful, helpful information

  • Reflect and connect with people’s needs and emotions

  • Make data and information believable

  • Differentiate CN from its competition

  • Strengthen our relationships

When we tell our story, it will be shared by the parents and students, community members and stakeholders. We can build spirit, pride, and loyalty by sharing the story of the great things happening at Central Noble Jr/Sr High School. I challenge all of us during this second semester to find ways to share our story; it’s a good one and deserves to be heard.

Click on the link below to see one example of a great communication telling our story! I know there are others, please feel free to share your story as well!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the Staff Holiday Party. It was a wonderful time! We look forward to planning more events like this for our staff to enjoy. Greg, Ashley, and I also thank you for the gift card and ornament. We are thankful to work with all of you!

Upcoming Events

1/15 - School Board Meeting

1/22 - Get Schooled Tour Student Assembly

2/1 - Mad Ants Honor Game

2/13 - 10th Grade Impact Institute Field Trip

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