The Process of Books

By Lexi Copeland

Some Background

Anyone can be a writer, no matter what the age. If you enjoy writing enough and you love to entertain people with your work then becoming a writer is most likely what your going to work for in life. Writing comes easily to some people but for most it is something to think hard about, but determination is what makes a book come out. Books are about anything and anyone, which why anyone can create one.

Your Taste is Built When You're Young

The books you like to read and the ideas you like to write about all come from your experiences as a child. Take Orson Scott Card for example. Mr. Card is a science-fiction writer who has written many award winning novels. This man grew up moving around with his parents who were both professors in science. This is an example that how you grow up really determines what you like in books and many other areas in life.


Rewrites can decide whether a company publishes a book or not. Everybody can write, that doesn't mean that everyone's book is published. About less then 10,000 people get published out of 2,000,000. The odds are against you big time when it comes to sharing your work. Rewrites are also biased, your editor might sadly be a COI (Conflicts of Interest). COI's make decisions in the professional obligations for personal interests and profits. Your editor could have you change the whole main aspect of your book if it will benefit them more. These types of people aren't everywhere but they are there. Rewrites are also harder on some writers than others because it changes your style and way of writing to match more what is more "in style" at the moment.

Types of Publishers

Most publishers only send out a certain genre of books. There are publishing companies like Parachute Publishing and LB Kids that only do children's books. Most other publishers do young adult and adult novels such as Razorbill, Bantam Dell, and Simon Pulse. When you go into finding a literary agent it is good to try to find a few publishing companies that produce the genre of book you are doing.


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