Get Your Reading On!

At The Fort Irwin Middle School Library!


The Fort Irwin Middle School Library (FIMS) services grades 6-8 with middle school reading along with technology for research including four computer terminals equipt with an online card catelog searching, databases full of free e-books, and Microsoft Office. There is also a centeralized printer for students to print their assignments if they need to. Books on tape are offered for students to check out along with traditional books available.


Staffed by a full time Media Technician, Ms. Short is helpful, cheerful and friendly. Always eager to help students with homework, research or just picking a good reading book, The library hours are Monday-Friday 7:50am-3:00 when school is in session. At this time, no extended hours are offered.

The average amount of students that utilize the library before school is approximately 30-50 students. Many just like to converse with friends, read and work on homework.

The Fort Irwin library has become a traditional place of gathering for our middle school students. Socializing has become a past time that they have perfected and many students bring friends in to recommend books to get others to read more.
Parents will be pleased with the library offering such friendly service to their students. Ms. Short is always eager to work with parents and teachers to maximize the students learning potential through books.


Located on the National Training Center (NTC) active duty Army post, Fort Irwin Middle School is one of three schools servicing students of military and civilian contractors working on Fort Irwin.

Fort Irwin Middle School is a small school that is able to give individualized attention to students. Ms. Short is always ready to help students search for books if they are having trouble. Many students ask for recommendations and Ms. Short can suggest books because she has taken the time to develop relationships with each and every student. Taking time to find out their interests and what motivates them to read is what makes her a very special asset to FIMS and the library.


The FIMS library offers many services including a space to read, converse with friends and doing homework. There are access to textbooks for all grade levels in the library for completing homework during lunch or before school. Students can utilize the FIMS library any time they need to during classtime with teacher permission. Books of all reading levels are offered to accomodate the many reading levels of the students. There is something for everyone at the FIMS library! Come in and check it out!

Start the school year off with excellent reading and explore new books!

Lots of new books have been added that will entice your student into reading more and more. Stop by and check it out, your student is bound to find something that will be interesting to them.

Reading has been proven to increase test scores, vocabulary and sentence structure. The more a student reads, the more their brain is exercised. Help your student develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.