Otsego High School

Weekly Newsletter (Semester II, Q4, Week of April 11th)

From the Desk of Mr. O'Shea

Next week we will begin state testing. 9th and 10th graders will be taking their English tests. We have developed a schedule that allows us to run the testing without losing instructional time in any of the other classes. I personally visited our Freshman and Sophomores to discuss the testing and the schedule and we are ready to go. We will be testing over the next 4 weeks. Week 1=English, Week 2=Math, Week 3=Social Studies, Week 4=Science. I will keep an updated testing schedule in the newsletter each week.

We executed our evacuation/relocation drill this week and I want to thank the Sheriff's Office and the Legion for their help. The staff and students were amazing and did a wonderful job. As always safety is our top priority and if you have any questions with regards to school safety feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Senior Parent Letter of Important Dates coming up

To: Parents/Guardians of Otsego High School Seniors

From: Kevin O’Shea, Principal

Date: April 15, 2016

Re: Senior Activities/Graduation

Our seniors are looking forward to the closing weeks of school with great anticipation. This letter is to advise you of the activities and requirements for seniors during the closing days leading up to graduation.

Saturday, May 7th -Prom at BGSU Grand Ballroom (ticket sales end April 25th).

Monday, May 9th -Last day to submit scholarship info to Mrs. Clark in order to guarantee

printing in graduation program.

Tuesday, May 10th -Academic Awards Night (7:00pm in the Otsego HS Auditorium).

Friday, May 13th -All outstanding fees are due on this date if paying by check. Please make

checks payable to: Otsego BOE. After May 13th, only cash will be accepted.

Tuesday, May 17th -Last regular day of school for OHS seniors.

***All outstanding school fees are due today- Fees must be paid in full by this date in order to take part in the graduation ceremony.

-If you are taking correspondence courses (not PSEOP), your final transcripts

are due this day.

-Senior Lunch (11:30am-1:00pm in HS Commons)

Wednesday, May 18th ***Exams for OHS seniors. These dates may change weather permitting (fog).

Thursday, May 19th ***Exams for OHS seniors.

Friday, May 20th -Senior graduation practice (8:00 AM in OHS Commons)

- Attendance is MANDATORY: All seniors who plan to participate - in the graduation ceremony MUST attend this practice.

- Seniors, please dress nicely for graduation practice.

- A breakfast will be provided for you by the cafeteria staff.

-Make-up day for exams for Seniors.



Thursday, May 12th -Penta Senior Exams.

Friday, May 13th -Penta Senior Exams, Last day for Penta Seniors, All outstanding

school fees are due.

Tuesday, May 17th -Penta Senior Recognition Ceremonies for select programs.

Wednesday, May 18th -Penta Senior Recognition Ceremonies for select programs.

Thursday, May 19th -Penta Senior Recognition Ceremonies for select programs.

Sunday, May 22nd -Graduation Ceremony (2:00 PM in the Otsego High School Gym)

- The OHS gym seats at least 1500 people – finding seats for anyone

wishing to attend should not be a problem.


- Seniors must be at OHS (meet in corridor “C”) by 1:15 PM.

- Boys should wear dress pants, dress shirt with a collar and tie, dress

shoes and socks (no sandals or tennis shoes).

- Girls should wear a dress, skirt, or dark pants with dress shoes that

are dark or neutral in color with a moderate heel (no flip-flops,

floppy sandals, or tennis shoes).

- Seniors who do not participate in the graduation ceremony may

pick up their diplomas in the OHS Office on or after May 24th.

This is an exciting and memorable time for your senior. Otsego students have traditionally behaved

like ladies and gentlemen at all school activities. We have come to expect this from all Otsego students,

and it is the exception rather than the rule, when this does not happen. A word of caution about senior pranks - please talk with your son or daughter and help us keep the last few weeks safe and devoid

of any controversies which might affect graduation activities. In order to avoid potential problems,

we will again have campus security.

Please review the dates and activities with your senior so that everyone may cooperate to make the last days of school and graduation a pleasant occasion that will be remembered with pride.


Kevin O’Shea, Principal

All HS fees due by May 13th

All High School fees are due by May 13th in order to walk in the Graduation Ceremony. This includes all Course Fees, Pay to Participate Fees, Music Booster Fees, Overdue Library books and fines. Each Department will mail out invoices by April 11th.

Contact the following people if you have questions about your balances:

Betsy Roberts-HS Course Fees broberts@otsegoknights.org

Joyce Wright-Pay to Participate Fees athletics@otsegoknights.org

Pam Heyman-HS Library fines/lost books pheyman@otsegoknights.org

Tara McHenry-HS Music Booster Treasurer mchenrytara@me.com

Jeanne Jeffers-Cafeteria Supervisor jjeffers@otsegoknights.org

Spring State Testing Schedule/Information

Below is information regarding new state testing this spring. Only our current 9th and 10th graders are required to take the tests as a graduation requirement.

The classes of 2018 and beyond are no longer required to take the Ohio Graduation Test, (OGT) but rather, will need to take 7 different end of course exams throughout their high school career. Students must earn a cumulative score of 18 points, using seven end-of course state tests over four years of high school. Different criteria can be used for students who go to Penta, but here is the basic information you need at this point:

7 End of Course Exams:

9th Grade – English I

10th Grade – English II

8th or 9th Grade - Algebra I

9th or 10th Grade - Geometry

9th or 10th Grade – Biology or *Physical Science

10th Grade - U.S. History

11th and 12th Grade - U.S. Government

Each test uses a 5 point scale

Level 5: Exceeded expectations

Level 4: Met expectations

Level 3: Approached expectations

Level 2: Partially met expectations

Level 1: Did not yet meet expectations

*Level 3 or higher is the target

* Physical Science test is not taken as of 2016. Only Biology.

Critical Information:

  • Students must accumulate a total of 18 points on the 7 exams by the end of their senior year to graduate.
  • They must have a combined minimum score of 4 points between the English I and English II tests.
  • They must have a combined minimum score of 4 points between the Algebra I and Geometry tests.
  • They must have a combined minimum score of 6 points between the Biology, US History, and US Government tests.

11th and 12th Grade Parents

If you are a parent of an 11th or 12th grader, your child is required to pass the five Ohio Graduation Tests (Reading, Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies) given to them their sophomore year. Although most everyone has passed these tests, there are a few that will be making them up this spring to meet the requirement. They will continue to take the tests they have not passed, in the spring, summer, and fall until they pass. We have a very short list of students in this category but we are working with them to ensure all students meet the requirement.

Furthermore, all 11th and 12th grade students will be taking the new U.S. Government test. This test will NOT count towards their graduation but does show on our district report card and will affect our final grade from the state. It is critical that these students take the test seriously and try their best. I would appreciate any help you can give in assisting us with this. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office or email me. Thank you for your time.

This year we have come up with a schedule that allows us to administer the state tests without losing any instructional time. Let me repeat that. NO INSTRUCTIONAL TIME WILL BE LOST TO TEST STUDENTS. In order to achieve this we will be running two block schedules over a 4 week period of time. Orange Day (Periods 1,2,3,4) and Black Day (Period 5,6/7,8,9). On these days classes will be 90 minutes long and students will test during their actual class periods. See images below.

Testing Dates:

English Testing: Week of April 11th

Math Testing: Week of April 18th

Social Studies Testing: Week of April 25th

Science Testing: Week of May 2nd (Schedule TBD)

Upcoming Dates


11th - 14th - English State Testing

13th - FFA Banquet

17th - Chicken BBQ

17th - Art Show

18th - 21st - Math State Testing

20th - 2 Hour Delay - Staff Professional In-Service

22nd - Otsego Endowment Foundation Reverse Raffle

25th - 28th - Social Studies State Testing

26th - Board of Education Meeting, 6pm HS Library

29th - Choir Trip to Chicago (April 29th - May 1st)


2nd - 5th - Science State Testing

6th - AP US History Exam Day

7th - HS Prom

10th - Blood Drive

10th - High School Academic Awards Ceremony, 7pm High School Auditorium

11th - 2 Hour Delay - Staff Professional In-Service

11th - Reading Rewards

19th - HS Choir Concert, 7pm HS Auditorium

22nd - Graduation, 2pm

23rd - HS Band Concert, "Stars, Stripes, and Sousa" 7pm HS Auditorium

24th - Board of Education Meeting, 6pm HS Library

25th - Exam Day#1

26th - Exam Day #2

27th - Exam Day #3, Early Dismissal

27th - End of 4th Quarter

reminders from the High School office

  • Daily Announcements Page
  • Make sure you send in a written note within 48 hours of your child's absence. This is necessary in order for the absence to be excused. Even if you call your child in sick, a note is still needed.
  • Please make sure you include both the first name and last name of student on the absent note.
  • Sign up for Remind 101 to get text or email reminders of important events. Text to 81010 and in the message box, type otseg (there is no "o" at the end)
  • Parents if you want to check on your child's homework, please access their "Google Classroom". All the teachers are posting their assignments there. You will need to know your child's username and password to get into their classroom. If you are having any issues getting into Google Classroom, let us know and we will work to fix it immediately.
  • HOMEWORK CAFE - Please drop of any donated items into the HS office or send in items with your child. Call Betsy Roberts at 419-823-4381 in the HS office for any questions.
  • Meningitis Vaccination New Requirements Info

Guidance Department

April 26 - College Signing Day Information

Community Scholarship Information

College Credit Plus Informational Letter

Penta Career Center: If your student(s) are interested in attending PENTA Career Center, they may start applying now. If you have any questions regarding program opportunities or the application process, contact Jennifer Wronkovich-Clark at 419-823-4381 or via email at jclark@otsegoknights.org.

PENTA Online Admissions/Applications

AP Parents & Students

  • The AP United States History Test is Friday May 6th. The test is $92

Parent and Student Bulletin Please read the attached bulletin. It contains important information for Exam Takers.

New State Graduation Requirements

Applies only to the class of 2018 and beyond.

News from Athletics

Baseball at 5/3 Field Home of the MudHens

Friday, April 15th, 7pm

406 Washington Street

Toledo, OH

Event Flyer

Come watch Otsego Baseball play at 5/3 Field!

  • Vouchers cost $15 each
  • Vouchers are good for admission into the Otsego vs. Erie Mason baseball game & any Field Level ticket to a 2016 Mud Hens game. (Excludes opening day and playoffs)
  • Make checks payable to “Otsego BOE”
  • Otsego Baseball receives $5 for each voucher sold
  • Vouchers are available for purchase in the High School office (10:00-2:00) or by contacting any Otsego Varsity baseball player


Spring Sports Schedule

***Due to Weather the Spring Sports Schedule changes daily. Please Call 419-823-4381 and choose option 7 on game day for the most updated information.

Updated Spring Sports Schedule

Current List Last updated: 4/8/2016

Pay-to-Participate fees are now due. Please contact athletics@otsegoknights.org if you have a question regarding your student’s balance.

Otsego Athletics is on Twitter and Facebook. Follow for high school scores and other athletic department information. Also, if you’d like to receive athletic news and updates by email please email athletics@otsegoknights.org to be added to the list.

Class of 2018 Post Prom Committee

Click HERE to signup to work a fundraiser for the class of 2018 post prom. We are currently working the concession stand for spring sports and there are a lot of slots open.

***Parents and Students, baseball/softball concession stand desperately needs help to cover the concessions for all upcoming games. THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 16TH, IS ESPECIALLY SHORT STAFFED. PLEASE USE ABOVE LINK TO SIGN UP.

There is also a GoFundMe page set up to make monetary donations for anyone to make. What a great way for relatives to donate!

"The Otsego High School's class of 2018 has begun the process of raising funds for the 2017 Post Prom. It may seem early, however, it is necessary to start early in order to raise the nearly $10,000 needed to organize a safe Post Prom for our students in May of 2017.

The 2017 Post Prom will again be held at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. This event has proven to be a successful, safe environment for our teens on one of the most memorable nights they'll experience in high school.
Too often, it's likely for teens to want to drink on this memorable night. Having a fun, alcohol-free environment, such as the 2017 Post Prom, eliminates the peer pressure to drink. This fully chaperoned evening provides kids hours of activities at Kalahari Resort Water Park.
100% of the money raised will be used for the Post Prom in 2017. This includes facility rental, transportation to and from Sandusky, and prizes.
The Class of 2018 greatly appreciates any donation that will keep our students safe and prove that they do not need alcohol and drugs to have a fun, memorable evening. Thank you:)

Otsego class of 2018 post prom GoFundMe

OHS Student Council

We are OHS StuCo


President: Alissa Jacobs

Vice President: Taylor Gonzalez

Secretary: Olivia Jinnings

Treasurer: Marissa Garrett

Representatives: Zane Maxwell, Zane Thomas


President: Madi Kregel

Vice President: Adam Lewis

Representatives: Parker Lazar


President: Andrew Richardson

Vice President: Julie Spencer

Representatives: Stone Zimmerman, Christina Gonzalez


President: Hayle Grimmer

Student Council is looking for students who want to help plan and put on events for second semester. Would you like to help create a biweekly Lavatory Ledger? What about help plan a movie night? A Community Euchre tournament? Or even our Spring Powder Puff game? If you are interested in getting involved, see one of your Student Council members, or Miss Pierce. We will be opening up for new member in second semester!

Student Council Advisor: Megan Pierce

Follow OHS Student Council on Twitter: @OHScouncil

Music Department

4/9 OMB/Thayer Ford “Drive4URSchool” Event – 9am -1 pm Thayer Ford – Let’s Go KNIGHTS we can beat the Eastwood Eagles – it’s a contest for the most drivers! OMB earns $20 per test drive (18 years+)

4/7 Otsego Music Boosters Meeting – special presentation on sound system at 6:30pm in room C145 (Changed to Thursday)

4/17 Chicken BBQ 3-7pm Great items of all kinds up for bid to raise money for our Music Program needs. Community member wishing to order tickets may contact Lisa Jacobs at 419-823-1495 or via email at jacobsladder100@roadrunner.com Thank you for your support!

5/19 Spring High School Choir Concert

5/22 Graduation 2pm

5/23 Spring Band Concert (Stars, Stripes, and Sousa)

5/24 Spring Junior High Choir Concert


FFA Banquet

April 13th

Transportation Department

Sign up to receive text messages from our Transportation Department!

High School & JH Buses (Bus Routes for grades 6-12 & Penta)

Text: @otsbus6-12

to: 81010

UPDATE: We have updated our phone system so that our main voice prompts will allow callers to press option 5 for the transportation department. Option 5 will ring extension 3156.

Food Service Department


As many of you are aware, we have allowed student’s to charge meals this year. As we are approaching the end of the year we will no longer allow charging. STARTING APRIL 5th there will be NO CHARGING of meals. If the student does not have enough money on their account to cover the meal at the elementary they will receive a cheese sandwich. At the jr. high/high school their lunch will be pulled. If a jr. high/high school student isn’t sure if they have enough money on their account they should ask the cashiers prior to going through the meal line.

We also have some students who are on free and reduced lunches with outstanding balances, they must be paid. These balances occurred prior to the paperwork being received by the cafeteria. You are responsible for the charges. The charges do not go away at the end of the school year. If they are not paid they are carried over to the following year.

If you have a senior with meal charges, they must be paid for you student to walk in graduation ceremonies.

Click the links to Download the 2015-2016 Lunch and Breakfast Schedules. If you have questions please email our Food Service Supervisor, Jeanie Jeffers or follow on twitter @Otsego_Cafe


Wood County - Click Here

Mrs. Cornish March Newsletter

Email: ecornish@otsegoknights.org - ATOD On-Site Specialist

Community News/Events


Waterville Playshop presents "Children of Eden" April 15-17 at the Maumee Indoor Theater. Otsego Junior, Tyler Cowdrey will be staring in the role of Cain. Otsego alum '89' Joe Barton will portray "Father". Tickets : www.watervilleplayshop.org Tickets $12,$15,$17

Senior AJ Digby playing in two upcoming sled hockey charity games between AJ's local team and the BG High School hockey team and Toledo Fire Hockey Team.

Sled Hockey Charity Event #1 Saturday April 16th

Sled Hockey Charity Event #2 Sunday April 17th

Join us on April 14, 2016 at the BiG Fab Lab in Bowling Green, Ohio to explore the possibilities- see the tools, hear from the experts, build your network, and discuss Fab Lab grant opportunities.

Lunch will be provided so please RSVP (rsvp@bigfablab.com) for accurate planning!


  • 8:30-1:30 Morning Session - introduction of the tools, learn how they operate, and then make it! (Group sizes limited so specify the area you would like to focus the most on but you will be exposed to all of them)
    • Additive (3D Printing)
    • Subtractive (CNC)
    • Laser (Engraving & Cutting)
    • Digital Printing & Cutting
    • Manual Machine Tools
    • 3D Scanning
    • Curriculum Options for STEM, Engineering, Design, Inventing & Certifications
  • 1:30-2:30 NW Ohio Fab Lab Advisory Team Meeting
  • 1:30-4:30 Afternoon Session Open for individuals to plan, make, create


  • BiG Fab Lab
  • Located in The Woodland Mall, Bowling Green, OH
  • Enter through the theater entrance (SE lot), walk straight across the atrium and look for the BiG Fab Lab signage.

AMY WILCOX 5k and Family Run

Baseball/Softball signups for Grand Rapids? There are plenty of spots available and if parents and kids want info they can email grandrapidslittleleague@yahoo.com for more information. They will send you the necessary info to get signed up.

Communication with the High School

Below are a few of the other ways to connect with us and to have access to updates and communications from us. Please remember that we desire two-way communication and encourage everyone to reach out to us and ask questions, voice concerns, and give feedback. Thank You.

1. High School Website www.otsegoknights.org has a new look! The new Otsego Local Schools site will more effectively highlight what is important to us and the community. The new website layout uses responsive design, meaning that it will adjust for tablets and mobile devices. We will keep the high school site updated with pictures, news articles, and other important information regarding the district and the building.

2. Remind 101 (Text to: 81010 Message: @otseg there is no "o" at the end just @otseg. Thats it. You will receive a message that says you've been added to our group. You will receive text messages straight to your mobile device). If you don't want to text, you can go to https://www.remind.com/join and just type in (otseg) as the class code.

3. Twitter (follow @otsegohsoffice or @KosheaOHS)

4. District App:

Click here to download on an apple device

Click here to download on an android device

Classic Weekly Student Joke:

Q: What kind of bug lives in a clock?

A: A tick, Duh.

Have a great week.