Solar Energy🔥

By: Geneva Garcia👑

🔥The Sun

The Sun is our main source of light and heat. It is a big ball of gas in the center of our solar system. Without The Sun there would be no life on Earth.

🔥Solar Energy

Solar energy travels from the sun to the Earth in rays, but only a small amount of energy reaches Earth.

Solar energy will never run out, which is an advantage for Earth.

To conserve our fossil fuels, some people put solar collectors (solar panels) on their roofs to convert solar energy into electric energy. This energy is one of the most important energy sources.

We use solar energy in many different ways. We use solar energy for electrical , thermal , and light energy for stores , businesses, and homes.

🔥Fun Fact

Its estimated that the world's oil reserves will last 30 to 40 years. On the other hand, solar energy is infinite (forever).

Solar energy & Pollution

Solar energy does NOT cause pollution. However, solar collectors and other associated equipment/machines are manufactured in factories that in turn may cause some pollution.

🔥 Solar Energy Being Used

Solar energy is used to generate electricity in power plants called "Solar Thermal Power Plants", by using concentrating solar power(csp solar).