Friendship creates Happiness

Emma Shuman - period 6-7

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In the story, "Freak the Mighty", the characters, setting, and plot influence each other quite a bit. Characterization, setting, and plot are the three main elements of fiction, that you need to create a good ,descriptive story. For example, the story says, "Freak is like a walking dictionary." So, there's evidence that Freak is a really smart kid. If Freak wasn't a smart kid, then the story would most definitely not be the same. if he wasn't smart then they wouldn't of gotten away from Tony D. and his gang. Also, if the setting was different in that scene then the story wouldn't be the same, they could be dead for that reason. Another example is when Max is being hurt by Killer Kane, if Freak wasn't smart enough to call the police then, once again, he could be dead. Anyways, the same goes for the plot. Well to sum everything up, every element of fiction is super important to a story/text.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I feel like the theme, "Friendship creates Happiness", is developed well in the story. And it's pretty accurate. The main reason why I think this is because, when Max became friends with Freak, they created a lot of joy and happiness. This happened especially when they went on their quests together. There's also a lot of evidence in the text that supports my theme. An example of evidence is, when Freak and Max go to see the fireworks, they had a lot of fun, except the fact that they almost got killed. But they also worked together to stay away from Tony D. This theme is also universal and can occur to anyone or anything, I feel like. Overall, I think that this theme is well developed through out the story.


Kevin, a very small but brilliant boy who has a body disability in his legs, and Max, an extremely tall boy who is quite dumb, become friends when Kevin moves in. Their friendship soon brings lots o f happiness. They end up going on a lot of quests together. And Killer Kane seeks out to "fix" his son, Max. Later on in the story, Kevin supposedly gets a new and improved robot body, but turns out the operation was a lie. Freak dies after the operation, Max and everyone is mortified by his loss. But Max looks back at all of the fun they had had together.